100% Completed Checklist - Trophies Guide - Extras | red dead redemption 2 (2023)

Missions and Events

Missions and Events Description
The mission Complete all the story missions.
strangers Complete 10 parts of Stranger Missions
bonds Capture 5 rewards
random encounters Complete 25 of the random encounters.
Bushwhacked Find a single ambush from another gang
gang hideouts Conquer all 6 gang hideouts

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Missions and Eventsrequires you to complete all story missions, reach and finish 10 strange missions, five rewards, 25 random encounters, get ambushed by a gang once, and eliminate 6 gang hideouts. Random encounters are the random people you see calling during your exploration, usually shown as a white dot on your map. Gang hideouts are specific locations that are more or less the gang headquarters. Eliminate one from each gang to end this.

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collectibles Description
tourism functions Find a unique place and write it down in your journal
graves Find 9 graves and pay your respects (finish the story first)
cigarette card sets Complete a single set of cigarette cards (consisting of 12 cards)
dinosaur bones Find all 30 dinosaur bones.
legendary fish Catch all 13 legendary fish
exotic Complete all exotic tasks for Algernon Wasp
petroglyphs Find the location of 10 rock carvings.
Jagdanfragen Complete all five hunting requests.
treasure hunter Complete a single treasure hunt chain.
dream Catcher Find all 20 dream catchers

HecollectiblesThe section is a bit trickier since you have a lot of things to track. Throughout the game world there are places that will cause your character to mention them in his diary, calledtourism functions; You just have to find one of them. Tombs are something you can't do until you've finished the main story. you need all 144cigarette cards, but you don't have to search for them one by one as you can use the Premium Cigarettes method to get them. Hedinosaur bonesthey are part of a Stranger mission and you need all 30.

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Also, thelegendary fishThey are another collectible that is part of a Stranger mission and you need to catch all 13.exoticthey are part of a long and complicated alien mission for Algernon Wasp where you have to hunt a lot of birds and flowers.petroglyphsThey're another alien mission-related collectible and there are only 10 of them to find, so it might be the easiest.Jagdanfragenthey are a series of small missions where you have to hunt small animals and recover perfect carcasses; You can't finish this before the epilogue.

The Treasure Hunter chain is mainly about finding a treasure map. Fortunately, there is a Stranger quest that can get you one of these cards. All you have to do is find the treasure at the end to complete this objective. Last for the collectibles section.dream Catcher, which is probably the only thing that isn't tied to anything else in the game. There are 20 of these in the wild, and you can get all of them without actually being in the epilogue.

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Compendium Description
animals Discover 50 animals
equipment Get 10 pieces of equipment.
fish Discover 10 species of fish
Tires Find all six enemy gangs
horses Discover 10 horse breeds
Planta Collect 20 types of plants.
Waffen Use at least 48 different weapons

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The next section is theCompendium, which is a bit tricky, especially if you go after all the trophies. First on the list are 50 animals, which you can easily spot by studying them with R1 when you're close enough, or kill them and loot their bodies. as long as they appear in the compendium, they will be discovered. This will come naturally when you opt for thezoologistTrophy that requires you to study practically every animal in the game. You just need to find 10 pieces of equipment and start with a few. Since you have to complete all the challenges, you can buy more equipment from the trapper as the challenges unlock things.

For the fish, you only need to catch 10 different ones to complete the objective, but one of the challenges requires you to catch all the fish in the game. The Gangs portion of the Compendium only allows you to take on the six enemy gangs, which becomes quite natural as you play through all the story missions. You have to discover 10 different horse breeds. One of the challenges is to break all the wild horse breeds, of which there are nine, so you only have to discover one more breed. Similarly, one of the challenges in the game requires you to find all the plants in the game, so having 20 of them 100% uncovered is only natural.

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You finally have the weapons. There are a total of 59 unique weapons in the game and you need to use at least 48 of them to complete this part. Seven of the 59 weapons in the game can be lost, so be sure to visit the [Weapons] page for all locations. Note that there are some additional weapons that can be obtained from certain things in Grand Theft Auto V, but they are not required and it is not certain if they actually count as necessary.

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player Description
Maximum Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Reach maximum health, stamina, and dead eye.
horse union Reach bond level 4 with a single horse.
challenges Complete all 90 challenges (9 sets of 10 each)

While this category seems very short, don't be fooled as completing all the challenges will take a long time. In fact, some of them require you to be in the epilogue, so it might take a while before you can do them all. Similarly, maxing out your health, stamina, and dead eye is directly tied to completing all the challenges. Once you've done that, go to a trapper and buy the gear you unlocked in the challenges. As long as you keep the same horse for a long time, the level 4 bonding will come naturally. You can help him by brushing your horse, feeding him, and even patting him.

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Other Description
cabins Find 5 cabins
Legendary Animals Locate and kill 5 legendary animals
table games Play 1 game of Blackjack, Poker, Dominoes and Five Finger Filet
Ranters, Ravers y Campaigners Meet and interact with five Ranters, Ravers, and Campaigners
Place take a single bath
show watch a show
theater visit a theater
recipes Prepare one recipe of each type.
robberies Complete one type of heist of each type.

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This is a category that contains many simple things. For example, you can go anywhere you can rent a room and ask for a room.Placeinstead of this. It doesn't matter if you choose the deluxe option or not, as long as you take a shower. Similarly, you can see oneshowin Valentin (it's on the outskirts) and go totheaterin San Dionisio. For himtable gamesone, you only have to play a single game of each and you don't even have to win. Of course, you will play a lot of these games if you chase all the challenges.

Hecabinsthey are exactly what they sound like, as they are small shacks that you can visit in-game (or remnants of shacks). There are a large number of them, but you only need to visit five of them to complete this objective. Hunting can be a small part of the game and there are stronger versions of animals in the wild. ThisLegendary AnimalsThey work a little differently than normal ones. Whenever you are in the area where one is located, the game will alert you with a text box in the top left corner. You need to find three clues to track the animal to kill. There are 16 in total in the game, but you only need to hunt down five of them.

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Ranters, Ravers y Campaignersthey are special characters in the cities of the game that appear as white dots, similar to random encounters. You'll know these fall into this category because NPCs usually speak loudly. As an example, the mayor of Fresa will give a speech, also in some towns there is a war veteran who asks for alms. Hit five of these to cross this off the list. Forrecipes, you must craft one of each of the six types at the campfire, either in camp or in the wild. You can buy new recipes from a fence and you will earn more as you progress through the game. They have cooking, tonics, hunting, weapons, ammunition, and horse care.

last on the listrobberies, it can be a bit tricky. There are four different types of heists in the game: house robbery, shop robbery, carriage robbery, and train robbery. First of all, any heist you commit as part of a real mission does not count towards this objective, so you will have to do it yourself. Theft is done at work.Departure and move, since you need to steal shares from farms. Keep in mind that some houses require you to threaten someone in order for them to find out about the hideout, so don't go in with your guns blazing.

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Trainer Raids can wait until you're donefriends in very low places, as this unlocks two corrupt postal workers in Rhodes and Strawberry, which you can use to rob certain buses (these are the only ones that count). Train robberies can be performed on any train, but it's best to wait until you're out of town before doing so, as the police will be in town pretty quickly. Shopliftings are special, similar to bus robberies in the sense that robbing a store doesn't usually work. Instead, you need to find the stores that are hiding something, like Rhodes Gunsmith. If you pull over, you should have someone at the basement window calling for help. This is your cue to enter the store and point your gun at the merchant. This should give you a chance to get him to the basement where you can free the boy and rob the store to make it count towards this objective.


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