60 of the best R.C. Sproul Quotes | Anchored in Christ (2023)

60 of the best R.C. Sproul Quotes | Anchored in Christ (1)

RC Sproul, the influential biblical theologian, author, and preacher, has written over fifty books on a wide variety of topics related to the Christian faith. It would be impossible to find the best quotes without hours of tedious work, so here is a list of the top 60 quotes by R.C. Sproul quotes I found in his books, lectures, and internet searches.

10 of the best R.C. Sproul Books:*

  1. The Holiness of God
  2. chosen by God
  3. Knowing the Scriptures
  4. the truth of the cross
  5. The Reformation Study Bible(Editor)
  6. Everyone is a theologian
  7. Surprised by suffering
  8. writing alone
  9. The barber who wanted to praychildren's book(bookaudio here)
  10. The Lord's Prayer

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RC Sproul quotes on apologetics, atheism, secularism

60 of the best R.C. Sproul Quotes | Anchored in Christ (2)Chance is a perfectly good word for describing mathematical possibilities, but it's just a word. It is not an entity. Chance is nothing. It has no power because it has no being; therefore, it cannot exert any influence on anything. However, today we have sophisticated scientists making sober statements declaring that the entire universe was created by chance. This means that nothing caused anything, and there is no more unscientific statement than that. Everything has a cause, and the ultimate cause, as we have seen, is God."

"Without God, man has no point of reference to define himself."

“There is no such 'mother' as Mother Nature. Nature itself is powerless to produce life of any kind. In itself, nature is sterile. The power to produce life resides in the Author of nature: God. To substitute nature as the source of life is to confuse the creature with the Creator. All forms of nature worship are acts of idolatry that are abhorrent to God.”

"I don't want to cross a bridge designed by an engineer who believed that the numbers in structural stress models are relative truths."

"Humanism was not invented by man, but by a snake who suggested that the pursuit of autonomy might be a good idea."

"Cynicism and skepticism are the grossest form of quasi-intellectualism... Let the cynic become a cynic because of his cynicism and the skeptic become a skeptic because of his skepticism and join the battle."

60 of the best R.C. Sproul Quotes | Anchored in Christ (3)"If you are not responsible in life, it means your life doesn't count."

“And I say to the humanist in all cynicism, if I come from nothing, if I go to nothing, I am nothing, and why should I care who sits at the front of the bus or at the back of the bus? ? What do I care if it's white germs or black germs that have rights in this world?

"As the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, so the denial of God is the height of folly."

(Video) R.C. Sproul’s Awakening to the Christian Faith

“I am afraid that in the United States of America today the prevailing doctrine of justification is not justification by faith alone. It is not even justification by good works or a combination of faith and works. The predominant notion of justification in our culture today is justification by death. All one has to do to be welcomed into God's eternal arms is die.”

Quotes by RC Sproul on God and His Attributes (Holiness, Sovereignty, Justice)

"The failure of modern evangelicalism is the failure to understand the holiness of God."

“God is serious about how we worship him, and we need to be serious about that too.”

"The closer we are to God, the more the smallest sin will cause us deep pain."

“If I hope in anything or anyone less than the One who has power over suffering and ultimately death, I am doomed to final disappointment. Suffering will lead me to despair. The character I have will disintegrate. It is the hope of Christ that enables us to persevere in times of tribulation and trouble. We have an anchor for our souls that rests on the one who came before and defeated us.”

“It is dangerous to assume that because a person is drawn to holiness in his study, he is a holy man. There is irony here. I'm sure the reason I have a deep hunger to learn about God's holiness is precisely because I'm not holy. I am a profane man, a man who spends more time outside the temple than in it. But I've tasted enough of God's majesty to want more. I know what it means to be a forgiven man and what it means to be sent on a mission. My soul cries out for more. My soul needs more."

“If there is a splinter molecule in the entire universe, then God is not sovereign. And if God is not sovereign, he is not God.

"Most Christians hail the sovereignty of God but believe in the sovereignty of man."

“The kingdom of God is not of the people, by the people or for the people. It is a kingdom ruled by a King, and God does not rule by the consent of His subjects, but by His sovereign authority. His reign extends over me whether I vote for him or not.

“God's grace is not infinite. God is infinite and God is merciful. We experience the grace of an infinite God, but the grace is not infinite. God sets limits to his patience and tolerance. He repeatedly warns us that one day the ax will fall and His judgment will be poured out.”

“Prayer is not simply a soliloquy, a mere exercise in therapeutic self-analysis, or a religious recitation. Prayer is a discourse with the personal God Himself.

60 of the best R.C. Sproul Quotes | Anchored in Christ (4)"We cannot help the Holy Spirit to quicken our souls to spiritual life any more than Lazarus could help Jesus to raise him from the dead."

“The Lordship of Jesus is not simply a hope Christians have that one day may be realized; it is a truth that has already happened”.

“He is intangible and invisible. But his work is mightier than the strongest wind. Spirit brings order to chaos and beauty to ugliness. It can transform a man full of sins into a paragon of virtue. The Spirit changes people. The Author of life is also the Transformer of life.”

(Video) The Bread of Life: Knowing Christ - The I AM Sayings of Jesus with R.C. Sproul

“The most violent expression of God's wrath and justice is seen in the Cross. If anyone had a place to complain about injustice, it was Jesus. He was the only innocent man to be punished by God. If we falter before the wrath of God, we will falter before the cross. This is where our astonishment must focus."

“The most obscene symbol in human history is the Cross; however, in its ugliness it remains the most eloquent testimony of human dignity”.

“The most egregious lie of all is the lie people tell themselves: “I have nothing to worry about with the wrath of God. My God is a God of love. If that's your thinking, your god is an idol."

"God is never pleased with ignorant worship, with worship that is not based on the knowledge of God."

Sproul's RC Quotes on the Bible and Theology

“The Word of God can be in the mind without being in the heart; but it cannot be in the heart without first being in the mind”.

“The more faithful preachers are to the Word of God in their preaching, the more liable they are to the charge of hypocrisy. Why? Because the more faithful people are to the Word of God, the higher the message they will preach. The higher the message, the further they are from obeying themselves.”

"If we are going to be biblical, then the problem is not whether we should have a doctrine of predestination or not, but which kind we should embrace."

“I think the greatest weakness in the church today is that almost no one believes that God invests His power in the Bible. Everyone is looking for power in a program, in a methodology, in a technique, in anything but what God has put: His Word. He alone has the power to change lives for eternity, and that power is concentrated in the Scriptures.”

“The more we are in the Word of God, the more the Spirit who inspired the Word and who illuminates it for us will use the Word to confirm in our souls that we are truly his, that we are really among the children of God. ”

“We must be very careful when turning the pages of Scripture to learn about the will of God and the leading of the Spirit, and not simply to listen to the popular teachings of the Christian subculture in which we live.”

"When I read the Bible, the Bible criticizes me, I don't criticize the Bible."

"If there is a secret, a carefully guarded secret, to human happiness, it is the one expressed in a seventeenth-century catechism which says: "Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever." it is found in obeying God. How can we be happy if we are not obedient? How can we be obedient if we don't know what we ought to obey? So the bottom line is that happiness cannot be fully discovered so long as we remain ignorant of the Word of God." .

"I cannot read the mind of God, but I can read the Word of God."

"Isn't it surprising that nearly everyone has an opinion to offer about the Bible, yet so few have studied it?"

(Video) R.C. Sproul: What Is the Gospel?

“God doesn't just throw a lifesaver to a drowning person. He goes to the bottom of the sea and pulls a dead body up from the bottom of the sea, brings it to shore, gives it life and gives it life."

“Here, then, is the real problem of our negligence. We fail in our duty to study the Word of God, not so much because it is hard to understand, not so much because it is monotonous and boring, but because it is work. Our problem is not a lack of intelligence or a lack of passion. Our problem is that we are lazy.”

"When people tell me they don't believe in predestination, I grab them by the neck and say, 'Why not? The Bible TEACHES!'"

“It is fashionable in some academic circles to exercise an academic critique of the Bible. In doing so, scholars place themselves above the Bible and seek to correct it. If indeed the Bible is the Word of God, nothing could be more arrogant. It is God who corrects us; we didn't fix it. We are not above God, but under Him.”

"Every time I read the psalms, I feel like I'm listening to a saint having a personal conversation with God."

“The worship to which we are called in our renewed state is too important to be left to personal preference, whim or marketing strategies. It is pleasing God that is at the center of worship. Therefore, our worship must be informed at all points by the Word of God as we seek God's own instructions for the worship that pleases him."

“Absurd Christianity is not Christianity at all. You can't love what you don't know."

“To be a Christian is to be a theologian, a student of God and his will. The church is where believers are to be nurtured in the practice of correct theology. The contemporary disdain for theological content and emphasis on self-image and emotions were not shared by the apostolic church.

RC Sproul Quotes on the Christian Life and Suffering Today

“For the Christian there can be joy in the midst of suffering, joy that transcends the pain of the moment. But we really don't understand the reasons for this joy in the house of joy. We found him in the house of mourning. It is in crying that we learn to contemplate the goodness of God. It is in grief that we discover the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.

“Thanks to Christ, our suffering is not useless. It is part of the total plan of God, who chose to redeem the world through suffering.

"True faith always produces true conformity to Christ."

“It pains me a little to hear someone say, 'I'm a born-again Christian.' What's wrong with such a statement? Well, what other kind of Christian is there? If rebirth is absolutely essential to enter the kingdom of God, as Jesus said, then there can be no Christian who has not been born again. Saying "born-again Christian" is like saying "Christian Christian." It's a redundancy, a kind of theological stutter."

“We don't segment our lives, dedicating some time to God, some time to our business or school, leaving some parts for ourselves. The idea is to live our whole lives in the presence of God, under the authority of God, and for the honor and glory of God. That's what the Christian life is all about."

“To love a holy God is beyond our moral power. The only kind of God we can love because of our sinful nature is a profane god, an idol made with our own hands. Unless we are born of the Spirit of God, unless God pours His holy love into our hearts, unless He leans on His grace to change our hearts, we will not love Him... To love a holy God requires grace, a grace strong enough to pierce our hardened hearts and awaken our dying souls.”

(Video) R.C. Sproul: I Am the Lord, There Is No Other

“If God is the Creator of the entire universe, it must be concluded that He is the Lord of the entire universe. No part of the world is outside of His Lordship. It means that no part of my life should be outside of his Lordship."

“Prayer changes things, all kinds of things. But the most important thing that changes is us. As we become more deeply involved in this communion with God and come to know the One with whom we are speaking more intimately, this growing knowledge of God more brilliantly reveals to us who we are and our need to change in conformity with Him. Prayer This changes profoundly."

“Sin is a cosmic betrayal. Sin is treason against a perfectly pure Sovereign. It is an act of supreme ingratitude towards the One to whom we owe everything, towards the One who gave us life itself. Have you considered the deeper implications of the smallest sin, the smallest sin? What do we say to our Creator when we disobey him in the slightest? We are saying no to the justice of God. We are saying, “God, your law is not good. My judgment is better than yours. Your authority does not apply to me. I am above and beyond His jurisdiction. I have the right to do what I want to do, not what you tell me to do."

“There are only two ways in which God's justice can be satisfied regarding your sin. Either you satisfy him or Christ satisfies him. You can satisfy him by being banished from God's presence forever. Or you can accept the satisfaction that Jesus Christ made.”

“For a Christian to be a Christian, he must first be a sinner. Being a sinner is a prerequisite for church membership. The Christian church is one of the few organizations in the world that requires a public acknowledgment of sin as a condition of membership.”

“If you don't delight in the fact that your Father is holy, holy, holy, then you are spiritually dead. You can be in a church. You can go to a Christian school. But if there is no delight in your soul in the holiness of God, you do not know God. You don't love God. You are out of touch with God. You're sleeping for his character."

"As long as we bear the guilt of sin, we cannot protest that God is unjust in allowing us to suffer."

“We want to be saved from our misery, but not from our sin. We want to sin without misery, as the prodigal son wanted the inheritance without his father. The main spiritual law of the physical universe is that this hope can never be realized. Sin always accompanies misery. There is no crime without victims, and all creation is subject to decay due to mankind's rebellion against God."

“I have often wondered where Jesus would apply his hastily made whip if he visited our culture. My guess is that it wouldn't be the money exchange tables in the temple that would feel his wrath, but the shelves of Christian bookstores."

“The clearest feeling a human being has when experiencing the sacred is an overwhelming, overwhelming feeling of being a creature. That is, when we are in the presence of God, we humble ourselves and become more aware of ourselves as creatures. This is the opposite of Satan's original temptation: "Ye shall be as gods."

“Our lives say much more about how we think than our books. The theories we preach are not always the ones we really believe. The theories we live by are the ones we really believe.”

“The real crisis in worship today is not that the preaching is insignificant or that there are too many drafts in the church. It is that people have no sense of God's presence, and if they have no sense of his presence, how can they be moved to express the deepest feelings of their souls to honor, reverence, adore, and glorify God?

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