iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (2023)

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The Spektrum™ iX20 smart radio is our most powerful and feature-rich 20-channel aerial transmitter to date and is home to a wide range of innovations and upgrades. It was designed to meet the current and future needs of professional pilots who want world-class features, easy programming, and the features needed to fly high-performance aircraft.

The iX20 may be the most advanced smart transmitter available with an Android 7 touchscreen interface, but that doesn't mean it's hard to use. The giant 5-inch 720p color touchscreen makes working with cutting-edge technology comfortable and exciting. The new Spektrum AirWare™ firmware has been simplified and improved for a faster overall experience. As you dig into the details, you'll see that the iX20 is much more than our next smart transmitter.


Designed and ergonomically designed by Mirco Pecorari of AircraftStudioDesign, the iX20 has been optimized to meet a wide range of pilot needs. Its Hall-effect sensing gimbals deliver long-lasting accuracy with an ultra-smooth feel that can be conveniently adjusted from the front of the transmitter. The result is a sense of style, comfort, and functionality that perfectly complements Spektrum's reliability, speed, and precision.DSMX®technology.

Key ergonomic features

  • Hall effect sensor, quad bearing gimbals
  • Convenient front access gimbal adjustment
  • Adjustable pole length and tension
  • Easy-grip slide levers with firm center clamping and spring tension adjustment accessible from the front of the transmitter
  • Contoured non-slip rubber grips.
  • User adjustable mode settings (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • User adjustable switch assignments with touch sensing
  • Power switch button with sleep mode

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (1)

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (2)

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (3)

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (4)

(Video) Spektrum™ iX20 20-Channel Smart Transmitter System


The giant 5-inch, easy-to-read, full-color touchscreen starts from cold (from power off) in less than 30 seconds and wakes up from sleep in 1 second or less. Its processing speed is about 250% faster than that of iX12. State-of-the-art touchscreen technology provides information in crisp, clear detail and allows you to make precise changes quickly and easily. You literally "touch" the iX20's programming and model setup changes take effect instantly. Being a fully functional Android interface, it will work with a growing list of apps from the Google Play Store.


Huge and easy to read, the 5-inch Android-powered touchscreen offers a high-resolution 720p HD color interface with the ability to plot exposure curves and the like more accurately and view new telemetry meters in a way no one else will abandon you second - fortune telling.

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long time spectrumusers will feel right at home the first time they use the iX20. That's because it's Spektrum AirWareThe Touch application program is based on the same Spektrum AirWare firmware used today. The giant, full color touch screen interface simply makes menu navigation and setting changes even easier than before.

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iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (7)

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (8)


Maybe you are the proud owner of the most complete model on the planet, maybe not. Use just four channels or all 20. The iX20's intuitive programming uses simple language and logic to help you easily set up and operate any type of aircraft, and to adjust and add features whenever you want. With your XPlusWith channel expansion capability, the iX20 also allows you to add up to eight additional channels with an X-Plus Channel Expansion Module (SPMXP8000, sold separately). Simply plug the module into a compatible receiver, connect it to the iX20, and then assign the additional channels to whatever function you like.

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menu settings

The iX20 allows you to customize the menus based on the specific characteristics of the receiver, adding or removing items that are relevant or not. Simply access the receiver list drop down menu and use the on/off buttons to turn items on or off (and to select the number of channels if the desired receiver is not on the list).

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iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (11)

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (12)


When connected to Wi-Fi, the iX20 transmitter gets even smarter. spectrumair itemsTouch app update alerts are automatic and you can download template setups and add third party apps. The iX20 can connect with virtually any Bluetooth device. That means you can use wireless headphones or even your phone's headset to receive voice alerts. Music, voice alerts and more are heard privately with exceptional clarity. A micro USB port allows you to charge the internal lithium-ion battery with a regular USB to Micro USB cable. It can also be used to connect flight controllers, recognize accessory devices, and provide a convenient link to your PC or laptop.

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iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (14)

(Video) iX14vsiX20Startup

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The iX20 is the ultimate tool to ensure that your aircraft and valuable equipment remain in top condition. It offers built-in telemetry support that can provide real-time information on critical data like battery voltage, engine temperature, and more. The transmitter is compatible with installations using telemetry-enabled receivers and sensors, and is compatible with those using the innovative all-in-one telemetry of Spektrum™ smart batteries, ESCs, and receivers with multiple displays and warnings.

The iX20 collects raw telemetry data in real time and makes it much easier to visualize graphically with indicators that put vital information into a clear and accurate context. With the voice alert system, you can program the iX20 to alert you when specific telemetry values ​​reach or exceed thresholds you set. You can also retrieve a stream of telemetry values ​​on demand at the touch of a button.

Customizable telemetry dashboard pages and custom gauge panels let you define what data you want to see and arrange it the way you want, with adjustable cell size and automatic text size adjustment.

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iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (18)

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (19)

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (20)

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (21)


Just talk to the iX20 and it will listen. New Android-powered speech-to-text functionality lets you access and configure personalized telemetry alerts, reports and more through your voice recognition software.

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iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (23)


Keep an eye on important information without taking your eyes off what you're flying. The iX20 programmable voice alert system can call out your chosen flight mode or report telemetry information automatically or on demand. If an alarm sounds, you don't have to look at the screen to see what's going on. The iX20 can tell you. Create any voice alert by simply typing the words.

In addition to a built-in speaker, the iX20 has a headphone jack that allows you to monitor voice alerts using headphones so you don't disturb other riders. You can also use Bluetooth to connect with wireless headsets or your phone's headset.

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The iX20 has the largest number of program mixes ever offered in a Spektrum radio. In each mix, a curve is available for each position. For example, if you assign a combination to flight modes, you can have up to 10 flight modes; you also get up to ten different curves for complete flexibility. Having one curve for each position offers much more flexibility and power for complex mixes and can reduce the number of program mixes needed to get your desired setup.

(Video) Spektrum iX20 SE Special Edition 20-Channel Smart Transmitter

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Direct Programming is a Spektrum technology that allows you to wirelessly configure smart receivers and related products directly from the transmitter. It is simple. Direct programming uses the existing two-way communication link between a transmitter and receiver to perform the same sophisticated programming that previously required a cable, Bluetooth dongle, PC, or cell phone. Plus, advanced programming uses the intuitive Spektrum AirWare™ firmware language, making it easy to use.

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iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (27)

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Easily adjust programmed functions in flight without having to access a specific menu or land just to adjust a setting. On-The-Fly (OTF) allows you to conveniently adjust mixes and other programmed values ​​"on the fly" simply by using one of the four auxiliary trim controls (not the primary trim controls) you select.

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Turn timers on or off or activate scheduled voice alerts with just a tap. In an industry first, the iX20 uses capacitive touch technology so that any of the ten switches, I-switch button or gimbal sticks react to the light touch of a finger and without interrupting their assigned programmed mechanical movements.

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iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (31)


The iX20's massive internal memory, large enough to accommodate 250 models, means you'll rarely, if ever, have to juggle models between transmitter memory and SD card or Bluetooth memory devices. However, transferring template programs is simple and seamless with the iX20 and other Spektrum brand radios. You can easily share models between "G2" systems and iX series radios via SD card or Bluetooth. Note: The iX20 can import SPM and iSPM file types, but can only export iSPM file types.

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iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (33)


Having multiple on-board antennas ensures RF performance no matter how the iX20 transmitter is oriented while in flight. In addition to the visible antenna, another one has been designed on the transmitter handle. It is a proven effective system that improves signal reception while reducing polarization.

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (34)


A camera is built into the iX20 transmitter and can be used to take photos and record videos. The lens is located in the center of the back of the transmitter. It's easy to capture images of your own aircraft and add them to the Model Details menu.

(Video) iX20 Instructional Series - Capacitive Touch Setup

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iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (36)


Go further with the iX20 by exploring what the built-in auxiliary serial port has to offer. It's a next level link that allows you to access the iX20 transmitter with an alternative RF system, such as TBS Crossfire CRSF protocol technology, and still enjoy extremely low latency performance.

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Spektrum's unique functionalityThe Wireless Training Link gives iX20 users the ability to wirelessly connect to other Spektrum transmitters. It's hassle free. Once connected to another transmitter or component, ModelMatchThe technology will allow the iX20 to reconnect without going through the pairing process again.

With Wireless Trainer Link, you can:

  • Wireless "buddy box" with another DSMX®/DSM2®transmitter when teaching someone to fly.
  • Assign gimbal roles to a second “camera” transmitter when flying a camera drone so you can focus on avoiding obstacles and maintaining eye contact while the camera operator lines up the shot
  • Connect with specially equipped Spektrum™ FPV headsets to control wireless head tracking.

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (40)

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (41)

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (42)


  • Transmitter Spektrum iX20
  • 10,500 mAh lithium-ion transmitter battery pack (installed)
  • custom carry case
  • custom neck strap
  • Optional short and long ends
  • USB magnetic adapter cable
  • Magnetic micro USB adapter (shown installed)
  • orange grip set
  • Fast guide
  • iX20 decal sheet

iX20 DSMX 20 channel transmitter only (43)


For existing iX20 owners, Spektrum offers the option to upgrade stock iX20 gimbals to iX20SE machined aluminum gimbals.

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How many channels does a DXe transmitter have? ›

More than Meets the Eye

While the DXe looks and functions like a basic 6-channel transmitter out of the box, it gives pilots the control functions they need to fly a wide variety of Bind-N-Fly aircraft using pre-programmed setups. Functions include: Throttle, Aileron, Elevator and Rudder Channels.

What receivers work with Spektrum DXe? ›

This is the Spektrum DXe Transmitter Radio System with AR610 Receiver. The radio comes set up with 6 channels out of the box, and can be configured for up to 9 channels with the mobile or PC cable (sold separately).

How many channels does a DX6e have? ›

The Spektrum DX6e gives you more than you ever thought possible from a 6-channel radio. Four model types, 250-model memory, wireless trainer link – you get it all and more. You can even share model setups with users of other Spektrum transmitters.

What is a DSMX transmitter? ›

The Spektrum DX6 6-Channel DSMX Transmitter is a radio controller designed primarily for RC aircraft - including helis, airplanes, and sailplanes. It can also be used to operate some terrestrial RC vehicles as well as certain 2- and 3-axis gimbal stabilizers for video cameras.

How many channels does a Spektrum DXS transmitter have? ›

For any RC flight enthusiast looking to strike the perfect balance between economy and innovative, high-end features the 7-channel Spektrum DXS radio can combine with a DMSX receiver of your choice to create the ideal system.

How do you match a transmitter to a receiver? ›

Press the red button on the transmitter for 2 seconds. The LINK LED should start blinking on both transmitter and receiver units. After they blink for 5 seconds, they will pair. Make sure the units are near each other during the pairing process.

Can you pair any RC transmitter with any receiver? ›

Transmitters are only compatible with receivers of the same manufacturer. Some manufacturers have slower (for hobbyists) and faster (for racing) transmitters and receivers to meet different demands.

Can you mix transmitters and receivers? ›

In fact most times you cannot mix transmitters and receivers, even when they are the same brand as the compander schemes and the digital modulations may turn out to be incompatible.

Which is better DX6 or DX6e? ›

The DX6e is more affordable than the DX6, but doesn't come with a voice alert, which the DX6 has. However, the DX6e has an external mode change, has one less programmable mix, and only supports regular swashplates in heli mode, while the DX6 offers more programmable mixes.

What is the range of Spektrum DSMX? ›

In a perfect world a single Rx is likely to have about 2 mile range give or take. An improper installation could knock it down to less than park range.

Is DX6i a good transmitter? ›

The Spectrum DX6i is a very good computer radio for its price. With this radio, I can fly all my helis. I am a mode 4 flyer, so I had to modify the Transmitter before I could use it. To modify it, I just switched some wires in the connectors and recalibrated the Transmitter.

What is the difference between DSM and DSMX? ›

The difference between DSM2 and DSMX

There is only a small difference between DSM2 and DSMX; The difference is the method how to hop between different channels. In the DSM2 protocol the transmitter will choose two random channels, where the transmitter will look for the two best channels in the optimal case.

What is the difference between DSM2 and DSMX? ›

What DSMX™ adds to the tried-and-true wideband technology of DSM2 is the extra interference protection and faster reconnection times of frequency agility. But DSMX isn't just another frequency hopping system. It is wideband agile.

What is the difference between DSM2 and DSMX transmitters? ›

DSMX essentially uses the same encoding scheme as DSM2, but the frequency changes thousands of times per second according to a pseudo-random sequence negotiated between the transmitter and receiver.

What is the maximum range of RC transmitter? ›

RC control range varies greatly depending on system used, installation, antennas used, terrain, and even weather conditions. But in general, for discussion purposes here, RC systems can be categorized into Short Range (2km and under) , Medium (2-10km) and Long Range (>10km).

Is the Spektrum DXe 6-channel? ›

Spektrum DXe DSMX 2.4GHz 6-Channel Tx Transmitter Only, SPMR1000,Black.

How many channels does a Spektrum DX6i have? ›

The 6-channel DX6i uses the same full-range DSM2™ technology found in the Spektrum DX7 and includes an impressive list of programming features for both airplanes and helicopters that are simple to access and use.

How many channels does a Spektrum DX7 have? ›

You don't have to give up pro-class features just because you only need seven channels. The Spektrum™ DX7 system gives you programming for three model types, 250-model memory, voice alerts, a wireless trainer link and more.

What is the range of a Spektrum transmitter? ›

WHAT IS THE TRANSMITTING RANGE OF A SPEKTRUM TRANSMITTER? A. Air system - In a perfect environment and setup, Air transmitters will get up to 2km.

Can I use a 8 channel receiver with a 6 channel transmitter? ›

Just to throw a bit more confusion into the pot, you can actually use any number of channel receiver with any number of channel transmitter.

How many channels do I need for RC transmitter? ›

Normally an RC car requires two channels, one for steering (ch1) and one for throttle (ch2). However, in most cases, controllers have 3 or 4 channels.

Is Spektrum DX6i DSM2 or DSMX? ›

The DX6i 6-Channel DSMX Transmitter (TX) for RC Aircraft from Spektrum is a 6-channel, full-range DSMX transmitter (TX) for RC airplanes and helicopters that is compatible with most DSM2 and DSMX receivers (RX), and is suitable for controlling Bind-n-Fly (BNF) collections.


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