[Live] CLE @ NYY (ALDS Game 5) PPD (2023)

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title[Live] CLE @ NYY (ALDS Game 5) PPD

TimeMarch 18 03:00:00 2022

2022Postseason G5Yankee Stadium Bronx, NY 7:07 PM EDTTV: TBS (National Broadcast) Cleveland Guardians @ New York Yankees AVG AVG LF 3B J. Ramirez .333 3 1B A. Rizzo .286 DH J. Naylor .222 4 DH G. Stanton . 083 RF O. Gonzalez .259 5 3B J. Donaldson .250 2B A. Gimenez .208 6 SS O. Cabrera .133 1B G. Arias .286 7 CF H. Bader .286 CA Hedges .077 8 C J. Treviño . 000 CF M. Straw .190 9 LF A. Hicks .000 ERA ERA RHP A. Civale 4.92 P RHP J. Taillon -.-- On get's, Yankees! Let's get to Taillon!https://i.imgur.com/8ePHYVv.jpg

[Live] CLE @ NYY (ALDS Game 5) PPD (1)

同場加映:(1) @BryanHoch: Ron Marinaccio and Frankie Montas could be added to the Yankees bullpen for a possible ALCS. They are less sure about Andrew Benintendi, who is suffering from wrist pain and had a new injection this week. (2) @BryanHoch: If the Yankees progress, Giancarlo Stanton could play in the LF for the Houston games. Matt Carpenter would also be an option to play the field, likely as a 1B backup. (3) @MaxTGoodman: The #Yankees are 5-5 in Game 5 of the ALDS in franchise history. New York is 15-15 in winner-takes-all postseason games in club history. Being at Yankee Stadium has historically been an advantage. The Yankees are 8-6 when these winner-takes-all games are played at home. (4) @ktsharp: Harrison Bader is the second player in franchise history with 3+ HR in his first 4 postseason games with the Yankees. The other was Charlie Keller in 1939.(5) @ktsharp: Gerrit Cole #FunFactYankees with 7+ IP, 8+ K, 2 R or less in play before elimination: Gerrit Cole (2022 ALDS)CC Sabathia (2012 ALDS) Bob Turley (WS 1958)Bob Turley (WS 1957)Whitey Ford (WS 1955)Vic Raschi (WS 1952)(6) @ktsharp: Gerrit Cole now has 5 postseason games with 8+ K as a Yankee. That's the most 8+K postseason games by a pitcher in franchise history. (7) @ktsharp: Gerrit Cole has allowed a home run in 8 straight postseason games. That ties Yu Darvish for the longest streak in postseason history. (8) @ESPNStatsInfo: Harrison Bader scored at home for the third time in 4 games this postseason. Bader is the only Yankees midfielder with 3 HRs in a single postseason, along with Bernie Williams (3x) and Mickey Mantle (2x). This is our ace.https://i.imgur.com/6lFSHs7.jpg

[Live] CLE @ NYY (ALDS Game 5) PPD (2)

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pressTyrone: Come on, Yankees!18/10 03:09

pressrenacer31: Indeed, yesterday's call continued.18/10 05:52

pressFilm: I feel that the game QQ is postponed18/10 05:54

Mateo10244: The game starts with a delay.18/10 06:20

presses9114ian: Delayed start18/10 06:33

pressLove: No way, it pulls a big cloud off the weather.18/10 06:55

presses9114ian:https://bit.ly/3ToQyoW18/10 06:56

es9114ian: Today's referee... I don't think he's very good, there could be a lot of low balls18/10 06:56

pressAppshjkli: How can the weather be so bad in New York?18/10 07:01

pressFAMILY: Can I call today?18/10 07:08

charlie01: I will definitely call today18/10 07:09

pressCommunity: I thought it was going to rain at three o'clock, but now it's not raining at all18/10 07:12

charlie01: At Yankee Stadium it doesn't rain from time to time, they have "another" time18/10 07:13

charlie01: decided to postpone18/10 07:13

pressFAMILY: How long will it be delayed?18/10 07:14

pressThebulun: How long will it be delayed?18/10 07:14

pressCommunity: NFL: What the heck are you waiting for?18/10 07:14

pressmikachen: An hour later, the chance of rain is higher XD18/10 07:14

Community: The game starts at the normal time. You can play two rounds at 8am. What time do you have to wait?18/10 07:15

presses9114ian: According to the New York weather forecast, the rain will subside between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m18/10 07:16

presswenhh88: It rained yesterday and it rained today..18/10 07:18

pressCommunity: Not a drop of rain XD 60 degrees not too cold18/10 07:18

presswenhh88: It's not raining... trust the glass18/10 07:19

pressZMTL: Stupid, keep waiting for rain without rain XDDD18/10 07:20

pressCommunity: Start download now XD18/10 07:21

pressWuuman: It seems that the game starts after 9am and then returns to catch up on sleep.18/10 07:22

presses9114ian: Probably because I don't want to play every now and then, if I want to play I have to play to the end.18/10 07:23

Wuuman: Today The Guardian made it clear that it would be good for us to wait for the rain to fight in the bullpen.18/10 07:23

Wuuman: Otherwise, if Tai'an and others are exaggerated, we will suffer if we cannot vote further due to rain.18/10 07:23

pressThebulun: Who can decide if the game will be postponed? local team? nor referee18/10 07:25

pressjeffchen106: Do you really want to extend it until after 9:00?18/10 07:25

pressachun8184: The rain has become super heavy18/10 07:28

pressAppshjkli: Playoffs will be decided by MLB officials18/10 07:28

pressGo deeper774: Referee18/10 07:28

Appshjkli: Whether to play or not, how to play the two teams can have opinions, but the league decides18/10 07:29

pressbmwnyy870915: Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the astronauts will be too crazy. I have to fight today.18/10 07:29

Appshjkli: There are also transmission units that also affect because they have the right to show18/10 07:30

pressZMTL: I saw the Elda ad, the football broadcast is too technological now18/10 07:30

Appshjkli: The breaking news is that the meeting will be held at 8 am to see the situation18/10 07:30

s880036: If this continues, maybe Pink Conan will change the starting pitcher18/10 07:34

pressFAMILY: by tomorrow we will switch to mustache18/10 07:35

pressfree reg: If we look at the radar returns, I guess we'll have to wait18/10 07:39

pressLove: It would be better if we could finish the game today, otherwise the schedule will be very unfavorable18/10 07:40

pressFAMILY: I hope to play today, otherwise how will the office workers watch the game at midnight tomorrow?18/10 07:41

pressThebulun: It can only be said that your weather forecast is really accurate @@18/10 07:53

pressFAMILY: It seems that the game has been postponed.18/10 07:58

pressRodrigueZ810: Delay game so I can't see QQ18/10 07:58

pressGo deeper774: Where can I see the postponed games?18/10 07:59

FAMILY: I see the live text below in the baseball version18/10 07:59

pressFAMILY: There is an error message?18/10 08:01

presses9114ian: delay, not postpone18/10 08:02

pressRodrigueZ810: Please do not hesitate ==18/10 08:02

Community: There is no news from the official website or the Yankees18/10 08:02

pressFilm: I did not see the news about the postponement.18/10 08:03

pressFAMILY: The baseball board stated that the game will start tomorrow at 12:07 p.m. m US time Could this be a fake?18/10 08:03

RodrigueZ810: Only the tweet said it might be fake18/10 08:03

pressLove: If the game is postponed, there is no rest period. I have to be thrown out the next day after the game.18/10 08:03

pressRodrigueZ810: Yeonsai is about to bump into Bieber18/10 08:05

s880036: Joel Sherman's post seems to think it's a bit hasty18/10 08:06

pressThebulun: I hope to play today...18/10 08:09

pressjaspe88: I hope we can start playing later, otherwise I won't be able to ask permission tomorrow.18/10 08:09

pressiambiaggi: He probably still has problems XD After all, the delay of the game is a small loss for the Yankees.18/10 08:10

presses9114ian: Could Yankee Stadium have a closure cap at the end of the season...18/10 08:13

presslanguish: I want a roof, the stadium isn't big enough18/10 08:15

pressRodrigueZ810: The guards don't want to delay the arrest either, so everyone perseveres18/10 08:15

presses9114ian: Taiko is the best at the moment18/10 08:16

pressCommunity: According to the price in New York, the roof costs 1B XDDDD18/10 08:17

pressbmwnyy870915: Hit me in the middle of the night, midnight in New York18/10 08:17

bmwnyy870915:https://i.imgur.com/AYKuVbO.jpg18/10 08:18

[Live] CLE @ NYY (ALDS Game 5) PPD (3)

pressysyeang : Evil lies in the dark18/10 08:19

pressPyrogen: It is cold in New York in October18/10 08:20

Beckseaton: It's not like I talked to myself and started playing G518/10 08:21

presses9114ian: If you don't let IKF defend the SS from the beginning, you don't have to fight the fifth battle.18/10 08:24

presses9114ian: It's raining a lot in New York right now, so it's not optimistic.18/10 08:29

pressjaspe88: There should be no hope. According to the weather report, at 10 a.m. there is still a 76% slump.18/10 08:36

jaspe88: probability of rain18/10 08:36

jaspe88:https://reurl.cc/RXxbZg18/10 08:37

presses9114ian: The rain stopped at the scene.18/10 08:38

es9114ian: But the rebound of the grass right after the rain will slow down, I'm afraid it will happen again tonight.18/10 08:38

es9114ian: Many birds appeared....18/10 08:38

presssonnig527: Opposite is really the Niaoan Brigade18/10 08:44

pressmikachen: That is destiny. I can't blame anyone for the weather at home. XD18/10 08:44

pressRodrigueZ810:Maybe he's too slow to mess around with Bird An's inability to come out and press OuO18/10 08:45

pressWuumanMission: I'm going back to the cage to make it up to you... Looks like it's going to be pushed back to 9:00.18/10 08:48

pressEddie23: I heard that the rain will stop around 9:20 am18/10 08:50

pressmikachen: Anyway, the current best starting XI is set, the rest is a matter of luck.18/10 08:52

pressRBC54321: The Yankees are a long-distance team, and the humidity is said to be unfavorable18/10 08:54

presspowerful mouse: If IKF is not allowed to join, Xibao will join, and it can't be much better18/10 08:55

presses9114ian: I think you can expect a lot of 3B and SS birds to roll, especially Taillon18/10 08:55

es9114ian: He's not a strikeout pitcher, we have another group of two-seamer fastball pitchers18/10 08:55

rockyao: Keep playing Ma Niang and wait for the game to start18/10 08:56

es9114ian: Trivino Peralta Loaisiga Holmes all rely on two seams18/10 08:56

es9114ian: Production of rolling ball wire...18/10 08:56

pressWuuman: There's no use thinking too much about the last fifth game, you'll know when you've played it, there are moments in baseball18/10 09:01

Wuuman: Happiness is also one of our strengths. We've been very lucky in important games this year. light up18/10 09:01

Wuuman: And! And! And18/10 09:01

pressPyrogen: The inner field is covered with waterproof tarpaulins. I'm afraid the field outside will be wet and slippery and someone will be jogging slowly to avoid it.18/10 09:01

Pyrogen: injury free18/10 09:01

presses9114ian: Joezfly said in the scene that the game starts at 9:4518/10 09:09

pressRodrigueZ810: It's okay if you can fight18/10 09:11

pressRizzo: Watch this radar wave, it stops after 9:30 p.m.18/10 09:11

pressRodrigueZ810: Don't push the big brother up18/10 09:13

RodrigueZ810: Don't try to steal bases when the field is slippery18/10 09:14

pressbenkao85: So when do New York fans go to bed? It's too late to start.18/10 09:14

pressCommunity: The Reddit broadcast article discusses the educational program that took place before the live broadcast XD18/10 09:17

presses9114ian: Local fans need to keep playing until the early hours18/10 09:17

pressDislike Pekora: sleep fart wake up hello18/10 09:17

presspedro0818: Most prefer early morning to tomorrow afternoon18/10 09:18

es9114ian: If it is postponed to tomorrow afternoon, many people will go to class and work.18/10 09:18

es9114ian: And the madness at Yankee Stadium must be stronger at night than in the afternoon18/10 09:19

pressWuuman: The postponement will be canceled and the money will not be refunded. I hope the game starts.18/10 09:19

pressFAMILY: Do you want to fight now?18/10 09:32

pressjaspe88: When viewing the scene, the rain has decreased.18/10 09:32

pressWuuman: No surprise, one should be able to call at 10am otherwise it will be endless18/10 09:35

pressccpz: Heyman said he wouldn't call today.18/10 09:36

pressbbken: Will it be difficult for left field to run like that? We must go to defend ourselves18/10 09:36

Mateo10244: MLB announces PPD tomorrow at 4:07 p.m. M Daylight Saving Time18/10 09:36

FuenteNess: 16:07 tomorrow for game 518/10 09:37

pressGrammy: delay, tenderness, no rain18/10 09:37

presses9114ian: Mrs. Lin...I'm going to face Bieber tomorrow zzzz18/10 09:37

pressAppshjkli:Yeonsai laughed18/10 09:37

es9114ian: Tomorrow we should switch to Cortes first, right?18/10 09:38

pressBinggrün: Shocked, I've waited so long... QQ18/10 09:39

es9114ian: Taiko drumming is really exciting18/10 09:39

pressFranco94: Beiber also only takes 3 days off18/10 09:40

pressELF007: High school three has many variables. I usually tend to follow the calendar. The good news is that we won.18/10 09:40

pressELF007: There is a pause for the prize pool18/10 09:40

pressbmwnyy870915: Astronauts are great at flying18/10 09:41

s880036: Late...18/10 09:41

presscharlie50704: At least the daytime temperature can finally rest18/10 09:41

pressrockyao: Dry lag…18/10 09:42

pressSechslee: Totlachen18/10 09:42

presswenhh88: Delay18/10 09:43

rockyao: Astronauts are amazing18/10 09:43

pressRodrigueZ810: It's four o'clock, you should be able to see the alarm clock.18/10 09:43

pressThebulun: The one who advances feels that the first game is overturned by Taiko Electric18/10 09:43

RodrigueZ810: Fortunately not a bit18/10 09:43

pressjaspe88: At least confirm that the weather in Yansai is sunny according to the forecast18/10 09:43

s880036: Pink Conan can bet, but Liar Bu will play like that18/10 09:43

pressWuuman: Stunned, I wait for the rain to subside.18/10 09:43

pressBertrend: I don't know what to say18/10 09:43

pressFAMILY: Why is it four in the morning, I thought it was one.18/10 09:44

s880036: Is the NLCS playing tomorrow at 7am?18/10 09:44

pressLove: Those who make the schedule must be space fans (mistake18/10 09:44

Love: Enter four dots on the official website18/10 09:45

rockyao: It won't be long before I fly over to the drummer's side and start playing. Is unbelievable.18/10 09:45

wakayama: Bugua shouldn't trade Tyrone, right?18/10 09:45

presssonesnsdsosi: Ah Kou, will it air on the first day?18/10 09:45

charlie01: The drummers are very aware that they have to insist on every detail if they want to fight for the championship, they deserve it18/10 09:46

pressbmwnyy870915: Oh, wake up and look at the result18/10 09:46

presszxc906383:https://i.imgur.com/8Edd26c.jpg18/10 09:46

[Live] CLE @ NYY (ALDS Game 5) PPD (4)

presses9114ian: On the contrary, it looks like Civale will launch tomorrow18/10 09:46

charlie01: This team is IKF is our god Hicks.Chapman, these are our treasures18/10 09:46

pressjaspe88: Chew Chew should be able to bet, but BOO could play the operator18/10 09:46

zxc906383: Admission is open at 5:00 am, and the postponement will be announced at 9:35 am Fan QQ18/10 09:46

pressBertrend:Okay, the first and second fights have to take a day off, after that it's not more strenuous18/10 09:47

zxc906383: It's like the scene seems to be watching football XD18/10 09:47

pressRBC54321:I'm curious why it doesn't go to 1am like G218/10 09:48

pressbmwnyy870915: Let's finish NLCS18/10 09:48

pressjaspe88: If the live broadcast is delayed until 1 a.m., the National League league game will not be available18/10 09:50

presszxc906383: If you strike one o'clock on weekdays, you will be scolded18/10 09:50

charlie01: There isn't much difference between 1 and 4, it's just for retransmitting $18/10 09:50

charlie01: Everything in the capital company $ talks to who cares about your team and until the next round XD18/10 09:51

presslin512: ……18/10 09:51

presses9114ian: I hope to wake up tomorrow and see victory.18/10 09:52

pressAppshjkli: Well, that's very MLB18/10 09:53

Roronoa5566: Added to Game 5 because of the lazy FO and coaching staff... so bad18/10 09:53

Appshjkli: In the end, it would be nice to level up as soon as possible.18/10 09:53

pressjaspe88: At the moment, the starting pitchers for both sides have not yet been announced on the official website.18/10 09:53

Appshjkli: Play at home and let the weather fool you18/10 09:53

Appshjkli: I can only say hehe18/10 09:53

charlie01: My text looks very teary but my heart is really settled and I feel like I got it.18/10 09:54

presslin512: The win rate when playing during the day is quite low ...18/10 09:54

charlie01: The whole universe is against you18/10 09:54

pressaccjm2440: After three days off, there's a good chance of seeing Bieber...18/10 09:54

charlie01: No need to even talk about programming, G3 just needs a "basic" play in the guerrilla zone18/10 09:55

charlie01: Accomplished. I have now rested and prepared to fly to Texas tomorrow.18/10 09:55

charlie01: Thinking about everything in the last three years makes me sick Zzzz18/10 09:55

presszxc906383: The league currently expects the WS to play Philadelphia vs the Yankees, but the likelihood is very slim18/10 09:56

presslukakakakaka: No way, there is an idiot head coach.18/10 09:57

pressBinggrün: At Bugua, it's not surprising to lose in some stupid way.18/10 09:59

pressWarchief Dodo: But this team still knows how to separate IKF directly, for that I am very grateful.18/10 10:00

presses9114ian: Tomorrow we will switch to Cortes first.18/10 10:00

Mateo10244: NYY announced PPD 10/18. 4:07 p.m. EDT on18/10 10:01

pressjaspe88: So Chew Chew should be Bieber18/10 10:03

pressSechslee: This FO team doesn't want to win18/10 10:04

Sechslee: Separate the IKF, tomorrow see you dance and lose, there is no difference18/10 10:06

presslukakakakaka: IKF and Hicks can sit hand in hand on the bench18/10 10:07

pressHwaJet: Good luck to the Yankees18/10 10:08

pressRodrigueZ810: Mustache doesn't seem to have been hit three times18/10 10:12

presszxc906383:https://i.imgur.com/V9kIt3X.jpg18/10 10:13

[Live] CLE @ NYY (ALDS Game 5) PPD (5)

presses9114ian: why the keeper announces our starting pitcher w18/10 10:13

charlie01Q: I don't think letting Cortés reach third grade is a better idea than sticking with Tai'an.18/10 10:13

charlie01: But he can only dare to fix it like this.18/10 10:13

pressjaspe88: I also think that today it would be better to stick to the original game plan, Taian is not18/10 10:14

jaspe88: It's useless, Cortés can only console himself by being able to hit the third and use it in the attacking zone18/10 10:15

jaspe88: The number of balls is 9 less than Bieber XD18/10 10:16

jaspe88: But the official website has not yet published the first version.18/10 10:17

pressxxoo2940: Bieber+Iron Cowshed, tomorrow will be great18/10 10:17

presscurtsy laughs: Anyway, the two teams will essentially burn the bullpen tomorrow XD18/10 10:17

wsan: I saw the weather forecast yesterday. Given the time and importance of this game, it's impossible for the two teams.18/10 10:18

wsan: Started the game reluctantly18/10 10:19

pressxxoo2940: The schedule sucks if you play one day and take one day off18/10 10:19

wsan: I knew it would be delayed until 9:30.18/10 10:19

pressAppshjkli: Take a day off and take a day off to look at the TV channel's ratings18/10 10:22

Appshjkli: It doesn't matter if your team lives or dies18/10 10:23

Appshjkli: Including knowing that it will rain, time does not change, and time is shifted18/10 10:23

presslukakakakaka: No problem18/10 10:25

lukakakakaka: Our team's condition won't improve if we rest more18/10 10:25

lukakakakaka: Maybe the thugs are getting hotter18/10 10:25

pressjaspe88: Complimentary official website update released first18/10 10:26

pressLove: Cortés will burn tomorrow~18/10 10:31

presslukakakakaka: The more optimistic this year, the faster death~~18/10 10:31

lukakakakaka: At the moment there are several disadvantages for us, maybe it's a turning point18/10 10:32

pressjaspe88: Cortés did well at home and in the matinee this year, that seems to be variable18/10 10:33

jaspe88: 3 Takes18/10 10:33

jaspe88: So the pairing with the Treviño receiver will be much better than with Higy18/10 10:33

pressLove: Cortés must do better than last game><18/10 10:37

pressjaspe88: Chewing and not playing cards yet18/10 10:39

presses9114ian: Let me explain that tomorrow's referee's strike belt is terrible, anyone who wants to stay up late to see it has to get it right first18/10 10:41

es9114ian: mental preparation18/10 10:41

presswird0822: ...First they see the straw man sticking the needle, and a day later he turns into a beaver18/10 10:47

pressmikachen: I think Taiko has a great chance to win here regardless of the schedule.18/10 10:48

pressWarchief Dodo: Cortés hits the first crosses of the smiley on the left, it seems that the left shot is the right one for the next round18/10 10:48

Warchief Dodo: It will be more difficult to use18/10 10:48

pressjaspe88: Who is tomorrow's chairman?18/10 10:53

pressacapla: Come Cortes!18/10 10:55

pressLove: Guardian should urge Bieber18/10 10:57

wsan: Alan Porter, if nothing else18/10 10:59

wsan:https://bit.ly/3T9rF0T18/10 11:00

pressjaspe88: But neither Bieber nor Cortés lost Alan Porter this year18/10 11:03

pressjaspe88: But the career ERA of the two just lost Alan Porters is 13.518/10 11:06

jaspe88: The difference is that Cortés lost 2 innings and Bieber lost 7.1 innings18/10 11:07

presses9114ian: Porter's low ball is too deep, I'm afraid Judge and Stanton are getting bitchy18/10 11:10

pressjaspe88: It must be a bitch, the smiley face seems to be Civale18/10 11:11

Beckseaton: It's still an old saying that I can finish it earlier, so I have to play G518/10 11:14

pressIwan1378: That attacking zone... God bless the Yankees18/10 11:17

pressaccjm2440: Come on, it's hard, it's hard, it's hard18/10 11:24

presslukakakakaka: Anyway, the Yankees are more optimistic about the game...18/10 11:45

lukakakakaka: Unfavorable, but surprising18/10 11:45

presszxc906383: Talking about the way the IKF was scolded by fans when they left, embarrassing.18/10 11:52

pressAppshjkli: Scolding him is useless, FO let him play18/10 11:58

pressjaspe88: DJ seems to have a chance to join the team if he gets close to ALCS18/10 11:58

pressCiel weekends: Don't be too pessimistic, it has happened that the team that advances first rests too much18/10 12:01

Ciel weekends: , the team that advances to the fifth game still has a competitive spirit in the next round.18/10 12:01

Ciel weekends: An example of the opponent's late win18/10 12:01

pressckb91: The classic isn't just Rocky's18/10 12:24

pressblue DragonMission: I have to fight hard... I'm afraid I have to face Bieber+Class18/10 12:45

Beckseaton:https://tinyurl.com/2p8t8tc618/10 12:53

jww: Not a day or two for NYY fans to call, Gallo even said he wouldn't dare to leave18/10 13:08

jww: On NYY Road because he knows how the fans will treat him18/10 13:08

pressAppshjkli: There are so many G8 fans18/10 13:26

presszxc906383:By the way, I saw a video a while ago of Rizzo rolling down his car window and swearing at people.18/10 13:32

zxc906383: what's up XD18/10 13:32

wsan: A signature is required, whether for children, but actually it is a bit of traffic jam18/10 13:37

wsan:https://bit.ly/3TcBvyU18/10 13:39

pressjapan: No surprise! Watch the NYY live broadcaster video to see the game and you will know how many mobs there are18/10 13:40

japan: . He also threw shrimp into the arena to test if the judge would return them.18/10 13:40

presszxc906383: To be honest, I find foreign stadiums so dangerous. It seems like there are fights in every game XD18/10 14:41

pressLove: The Yankees are underestimated by their opponents XDD18/10 14:45

presstravis915117: The same thing happened with Straw earlier this year.18/10 14:55

presszxc906383: TBS is so bad, by the way, that the two primetime shows have been pushed back to bad timing18/10 16:02

phenomenon42: TBS is very unlucky this year XD18/10 16:03

pressCiel weekends: If postponed, which TV stations will air this show?18/10 16:26

Ciel weekends: Taiwanesisch18/10 16:26

pressFilm: Elda must pass it on18/10 16:28

presszxc906383: Chinese TV18/10 16:28

presszxc906383:https://i.imgur.com/46Lxq3Z.jpg18/10 16:57

[Live] CLE @ NYY (ALDS Game 5) PPD (6)

pressCiel weekends: Gracias18/10 17:11

pressFilm: Titans or Civale first, let's play Line and let's go18/10 22:07

Appshjkli: Eighty percent of the votes are exchanged for won after a few people18/10 22:09

pressRBC54321: The Indians are a bit shaky in the starting lineup, but have no problem eating cattle the whole game18/10 22:33

presscurtsy laughs: Wardens set the number of first innings, still there are people on the bases, and iron bulls hold18/10 22:55

curtsy laughs: Civale's first round bats aren't as bad as usual, they just look bad18/10 22:55

curtsy laughs: One cow less means one less18/10 22:55

presscurtsy laughs: Cortés is three times three, although the more rounds you eat the better, but I think it could be three18/10 23:00

curtsy laughs: Office18/10 23:00

curtsy laughs: Enter the winning group after entering the number of German cross entries18/10 23:01

pressMikufans: The best way is to increase the distance in front, otherwise the extra game is really bad18/10 23:19

lala31446: First, let's pretend maybe we'll see Bieber18/10 23:36

charlie01: Indeed, the way CLE used Bieber after his shoulder injury18/10 23:57

charlie01: Not letting him into third grade today probably means he's not on schedule.18/10 23:58

charlie01: Even if it is a long season, it does not start18/10 23:58

presses0308: Guardian Bullpen is not empty, almost certainly not seen19/10 00:01

es0308: I think Cole is more likely19/10 00:01

es0308: There is a difference in bullpen depth19/10 00:03

presszxc906383: I don't think Cole actually comes to the vote.19/10 00:04

presssatz513: After nine innings there is a high probability of going home without a win19/10 00:07

pressMikufans: If there is a tiebreak, I think Bieber has a chance to move up.19/10 00:10

presswird0822: I don't think Cole is +1, although tomorrow is win or homecoming too, but yes19/10 00:10

wird0822: Cole doesn't really have to think about playing the drums at all19/10 00:10

Mikufans: Bieber is the last line of insurance in case the Guardians' Bullpen Six falters19/10 00:10

Mikufans: Story19/10 00:10

presscurtsy laughs: In principle there is no next round if you don't win, but if they don't force you19/10 00:12

curtsy laughs: It's a disaster until the next round, actually I don't care if I win.19/10 00:12

curtsy laughs: just19/10 00:12

curtsy laughs:https://i.imgur.com/8gFtCV6.jpg19/10 00:13

[Live] CLE @ NYY (ALDS Game 5) PPD (7)

Beckseaton: There is hope without IKF19/10 00:16

pressMikufans: If there is a chance against the Drummers, Cole will be able to play in the third game, provided today19/10 00:18

Mikufans: use it but I hope I don't fuck my arm like that19/10 00:18

Mikufans: In the last game, Hicks also ran and defended, losing a point19/10 00:18

Mikufans: If first base hadn't been hit, it would have been a disaster19/10 00:19

presszxc906383: Today Cole used LCS G3 and then went to Secondary 3. That's not so good.19/10 00:27

Mikufans: So basically G4 gets a chance to play19/10 00:32

Faelone: It is impossible to call sharp with only Cole's three remedies19/10 00:34

pressamorandy58: Let's go for three more hours19/10 01:07

presszxc906383: If you enter ALCS, Taillon chooses G119/10 01:17

pressRBC54321: roast meat19/10 04:53

※ Publisher: Matthew10244 ( Taiwan), 2022-10-19 07:01:00


How can I watch the Yankees game 5? ›

Guardians Game 5 start? Game 5 at Yankee Stadium starts at 4:07 p.m. ET. The game will be broadcast on TBS.

Where can I listen to Yankee game online for free? ›

Stream New York Yankees | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

How could I watch the Yankee game tonight? ›

Watch the New York Yankees on Hulu + Live TV

Sports fans will find NFL Network, Big Ten Network, TBS, TNT, and more.

How can I listen live to the Yankee game? ›

NY Yankees Baseball - Hometown 1340 AM / 105.3 FM WLVL.

What channel is ALDS Game on? ›

How to watch Yankees-Guardians, Astros-Mariners in the ALDS. All games will air on TBS or TNT.

Can you watch Yankees on Peacock for free? ›

While Peacock does offer a free version of its streaming service, if you want to watch its MLB Sunday Leadoff games, or any sports it provides for that matter, you have to be a subscriber to Peacock Premium.

How do I listen to the New York Yankees game on my phone? ›

Other Applications. Download the MLB app on supported smartphone and tablet devices, featuring live MLB Audio, in-game highlights, breaking news, and expert analysis from around the league. Download our newest app, home of Beat the Streak and Quick Pick.

What radio station is the Yankee playoff game on? ›

104.5 The Team is the Capital Region's home for New York Yankees baseball. Catch every Yankees game during the regular season and playoffs right here! NOTE: All Yankees games will be blacked out on the 104.5 The Team app.

How can I watch the Yankee game live on my phone? ›

MLB.tv and the MLB app

MLB.tv is the official subscription streaming service for MLB games, and the MLB app (formerly MLB At Bat) is the league's official app for Android, iOS, game consoles, and streaming devices like Apple Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV.

Is the Yankee game free on Amazon Prime? ›

NEW YORK—April 7, 2022—Today, Amazon, the New York Yankees, and the YES Network announced that 21 New York Yankees games—including 19 Friday night games—will stream exclusively on Prime Video, available at no additional cost to Prime members in the Yankees' home-team footprint of New York state, Connecticut, north and ...

What channel is streaming the Yankees game? ›

The New York Yankees, Amazon Prime Video and the YES Network are partnering to livestream 21 Yankees games this regular season free for Prime members.

How to watch Yankees game on Amazon Prime? ›

With your subscription, you can watch MLB.TV through the Prime Video app on more than 650 connected devices connected devices like Fire TV, compatible Smart TVs, tablets, and phones. You can also watch online at Amazon.com.

What app can I watch the Yankee game on? ›

The MLB app offers two subscription options for its extensive premium features, covering live MLB games from Opening Day to the World Series.


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