Silver Treasure: Testing the Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight 925 (2023)

tudorbrought silver back on stage with hisBlack Bay Fifty Eight 925.How good is this watch with the stunning taupe dial? We find out in this hands-on, in-depth look at the WatchTime.

Silver Treasure: Testing the Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight 925 (1)

Tudor is one of the few brands whose demand has increased significantly in recent years. This is mainly due to the attractiveness of their models, which certainly include the Black Bay and the smaller version released in 2018, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight. The version tested here was launched in 2021 in a silver box with a taupe-colored bezel.

The name Fifty-Eight refers to 1958, the year Tudor launched its first diving watch. Divers in the French Navy approached the brand to create an ideal diving watch designed specifically for their needs and as a result, Tudor became the preferred supplier for French combat divers. The case size of 39 mm corresponds to its historical predecessor. The rotating bezel and smaller dial give the watch an understated look that's in line with current trends.

The vintage look is enhanced with a scratch-resistant domed sapphire crystal replacing the original acrylic crystal. The dial also has a slight retro-style curvature. Narrow shoulder straps and typography on the rotating bezel also hint at the Tudor history. Even the date has been omitted for a more historically accurate print. Traditional "snowflake" hands have been used at Tudor since the late 1960's.

Unlike previous models, the 2021 Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 has a taupe bezel and dial. The color, which can also be seen as a faded black, goes well with the vintage design. On the other hand, the greyish shade of brown is also a modern trend color, especially in today's interior design.

Silver Treasure: Testing the Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight 925 (2)

A secret silver league
The taupe color harmonises well with the warm tones of the 925 silver case. The designation "925" means that the case is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other materials. Ordinary sterling silver also contains this amount of pure silver, with the remainder being mostly copper, giving the metal a reddish hue. However, sterling silver tends to tarnish, as anyone who owns sterling silver cutlery can attest. It is the result of a chemical reaction between the silver and sulphur-containing substances in the air, which causes the silver to darken over time. To avoid this, Tudor used a different alloy touted as non-staining. Although Tudor didn't reveal the other materials, there are known alloys containing palladium and germanium that prevent tarnishing and can even be hardened. The hardness of this material is even more comparable to gold than to steel. The Tudor case shines with a brilliant shine and is warmer in color than stainless steel or platinum.

While the aluminum dial on the scuba bezel isn't as scratch-resistant as a ceramic alternative, its matte finish better suits the watch's vintage look. Overall, our test watch convinces with an attractive design and very harmonious colors.

Thankfully, functionality hasn't been sacrificed for design here. Large luminous markers and a generous application of luminous material on the hands ensure excellent legibility day and night. The screw-down crown feels good in the hand; decoupled from the winding mechanism to reduce wear. The inclusion of a hack mechanism as well as no date display and no pulled-out crown position for this function make time setting easy. The unidirectional rotating bezel rotates in one-minute increments and is easy to hold and rotate thanks to its wedge-shaped rim. Its click operation feels almost as rich as that of a Rolex watch. A luminous marker shows dive time even in the dark. Thanks to the case, which is water-resistant up to 200 meters, the Black Bay is really suitable for diving, at least with the NATO fabric strap.

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strap options
Our test watch came with an attractive textured dark brown leather strap with contrast stitching and a rubber finish that extends the life of the strap. A stylish and practical brushed silver pin buckle to match the case. We like the look of the taupe-colored fabric strap with a silver middle strap better than the leather strap, as it doesn't taper as much towards the clasp. However, the fabric strap obscures the case back, which is particularly unfortunate here as this is the first regular production Black Bay model with a transparent window revealing the automatic caliber MT5400. The caliber is made by the movement manufacturer Kenissi, who also supplies Chanel, Breitling, Fortis and other watch brands.

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A robust caliber
The movement has sturdiness and precision. Its impressive height of 4.99 mm makes it robust in order to avoid malfunctions even with the smallest tolerance fluctuations that may have occurred in production. The balance is also ensured by a full bridge instead of just one side. The silicone spiral maintains centricity as it is resistant to deformation from impact or other disturbances. Other high-quality features of this manufactory movement are the extended power reserve of 70 hours and the free spring balance with four adjusting screws - the gear setting is not, as with most ETA calibers, done by changing the active spring length. Movement detailing is modest, but the rotor is skeletonized with a sunray finish and Tudor engraving.

Accuracy of rate accuracy is certified by COSC, the official Swiss chronometer testing institute, where Tudor sends most of its movements for testing (the MT5602-1U used in the new Black Bay Ceramic comes with a Master Chronometer Certificate supplied by METAS). Rate results are guaranteed to stay within a range of -4 to +6 seconds per day, among other criteria. The results displayed in the electronic timing confirm this accuracy: the values ​​at different positions remain very close to each other, while the average deviation was almost perfect: only +1 second per day. On the wrist we saw a gain of 2 seconds per day, probably due to the fact that the watch was 'dial' at night, a position that showed the biggest gain of +5 seconds.

The technical characteristics of the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 put it at the top, and its execution and finish set it apart from the rest. The design mix of retro elements and warm gray tones knows how to inspire, and the surcharge of 950 euros compared to the basic price of the silver version feels moderate and reasonable.

Silver Treasure: Testing the Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight 925 (5)

Manufacturer:Tudor, 3-5 Rue Francois-Dussaud, 1211 Genf 26, Switzerland
Reference number:M79010SG-0001
Features:Hours minutes seconds
Movement:Caliber MT5400, automatic, COSC-certified chronometer, 28,800 A/h, 27 jewels, stop-seconds mechanism, silicone hairspring, free spring balance with four adjusting screws, Incabloc damping, 70-hour power reserve, diameter = 26 mm, height = 4.99 mm
Fall:925 silver, domed sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides, screwed crown, screwed case back with sapphire glass viewing window; water resistant to 200 meters
Bracelet and clasp:Calfskin strap with rubber lining and silver clasp
Evaluate the results(deviations in seconds per 24 hours):
disc +5
disc +1
Crown to +1
Crown down -1
Krone links −1
Crown right +1
Biggest deviation 6
Average deviation +1
Media amplitude:
Flat positions 291°
255° hanging positions
Dimensions:Diameter = 39mm, Height = 12mm, Weight = 90 grams
Variations:With fabric strap (Ref. M79010SG-0002, $4,300)
Preis:4.300 $

handle and clasp(max. 10 points): The calfskin strap with rubber lining is well made, as is the practical silver clasp. 8th
Fall(10): Excellent processing of the case in silver special alloy 8
dial and hands(10): Domed dial, applied markers and perfectly polished hands give the watch a high-quality overall impression. 9
Project(15): Attractive retro design with well balanced warm gray tones 14
legibility(5): The generous use of luminous material on the dials and the high contrast between the hands and the dial ensure excellent legibility day and night. 5
Operation(5): The screw-down crown is easy to operate, a stop-seconds feature makes it easy to set the time precisely, and the fluted rotating bezel rotates easily. 5
wearing comfort(5): The watch sits comfortably on the wrist with a flexible leather strap 5
Movement(20): The movement is built sturdily and has a long power reserve. Decorations are modest. 15
Evaluate the results(10): Small average deviation and not too high a hit error in the different positions. 8th
overall bravery(10): Moderate additional cost for a silver box at a reasonable price; Overall good value for money 8
Total: 85 POINTS

This article originally appeared in WatchTime's September-October 2021 issue.


How much is a Black Bay 58 925? ›

Production is not limited and the 925 costs $4,300 and can be had with either a fabric or leather strap.

How to authenticate Tudor Black Bay 58? ›

Aside from this, the proportions of the crown are off and the red crown tube is thinner and smaller on the fake. The crown is one of the most obvious telltale signs of a fake Black Bay – the Tudor Rose logo is the wrong proportions, too tightly packed into the space and it's too heavily embossed on the fake (right).

What is a Tudor 925? ›

The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 is a dive watch in precious metal, but still affordable – by a large margin compared to the all-yellow gold version – but no less intriguing than its pricier cousin.

Does the Tudor Black Bay 925 tarnish? ›

With this in mind, if you really like the Tudor 925 and are turned off by the idea that it tarnishes, we would still say buy it! After all, you can relatively easily, as seen in the video above, clean and remove the tarnishing. But don't buy it and expect it not to tarnish.

Does Tudor BB58 hold value? ›

As the icing on the cake, the Tudor Black Bay 58 holds its value relatively well. A decent investment.

What does 58 mean in Black Bay? ›

The bracelet of the Black Bay line takes its design from the Rolex riveted stretch bracelet from the mid-1950s (ref. 6636). Trivially, the end-links from those bracelets are reference “58,” which is likely a coincidence that nerds like me notice.

Does Tudor Black Bay 58 have gold? ›

The hour hands and applied indices are unique – they are all made of solid 18k yellow gold. Though solid-gold hands and markers are standard on Rolex watches, they are being applied to a Tudor for a first time with the Fifty-Eight 18k.

How do I authenticate my Tudor watch? ›

Check the case back. Many Tudor watches have Rolex case backs and they may say “Original Oyster Case by Rolex Geneva” with the Rolex crown symbol. Other Tudor watches have a smooth case back with no engraving. Authentic Tudor watches do not have a clear case back that shows the inner workings of the watch.

Is Black Bay 58 better than Black Bay? ›

The Black Bay 58 is a much sleeker model, as it measures a smaller 39 mm and is 11.9 mm thick/tall. This is much more in line with the proportions of modern dive watches and was the most prevalent criticism of the previous model, so it's good to see that it was taken seriously by Tudor.

What is the difference between Black Bay 58 and Black Bay 58 925? ›

Unlike the steel-cased Black Bay 58s, the case of the 925 is fully brushed. Combined with the taupe of the dial and bezel this gives the 925 a “matte” look that makes it feel very different from previous 58's with their polished case sides.

Is 925 a real silver? ›

Instead fine silver is alloyed with copper to create sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. This percentage of fine silver is why you will sometimes see sterling silver referred to as '925 silver' or hallmarked with a 925 stamp.

Is 925 silver the same as 925 sterling silver? ›

Sterling Silver & Silver 925

Sterling silver and 925 silver are synonyms. Sterling silver is an alloy that contains 92.5 parts silver and 7.5 parts other metals, usually zinc and copper. To identify sterling silver jewelry, look for the abbreviation "925".

Why is my 925 silver black? ›

Silver becomes black because of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), a substance that occurs in the air. When silver comes into contact with it, a chemical reaction takes place and a black layer is formed. Silver oxidizes faster in places with a lot of light and high humidity.

How do you clean blackened 925 sterling silver? ›

Soak your tarnished jewelry in a ½ cup of white vinegar with 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Warning: this mixture fizzes. Keep your sterling silver in this solution for two to three hours, rinse and dry.

Does 925 sterling silver turn black? ›

925 Sterling Silver darkens due to daily use, as well as for other reasons. One of the most common reasons is the use of products such as perfumes, shampoos or gels. It may also react immediately with corrosive or cleaning products.

How much does a bb58 retail for? ›

The most popular Tudor watch is the Black Bay 58. The Tudor Black Bay 58 costs between $3,800 MSRP and $16,825 MSRP. The more expensive Black Bay 58 watches are made of silver or gold.

How much is a Tudor Black Bay 58 worth? ›

Prices for this model sit around 17,000 USD.

Is Tudor as good as Rolex? ›

Yes, Tudor watches have always been just as good as Rolex. While the brands will always be unique in design, the differences between the two are shrinking every year as Tudor continues to grow.

What is the difference between Black Bay and Fifty-Eight? ›

The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight is the reduced sized version of the standard Black Bay Heritage dive watch that first appeared in 2018, and it is characterized by its smaller 39mm case diameter.

How good is the BB58? ›

In my opinion, the Tudor Black Bay 58 is Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster quality at less than half the price. On the wrist, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight just feels incredibly solid. The watch is compact, and even with the full steel bracelet, it does not feel heavy.

When did the Tudor Black Bay 58 come out? ›

Don't let the old-school looks fool you, the BB58 is a contemporary keeper. The Tudor Black Bay 58 has been a runaway hit since its debut in 2018.

Is Tudor gold plated or solid? ›

Most of the time, precious Tudor watches are two-tone watches – with even some of the parts only capped in gold, not even solid gold. Here, it's solid gold all around, for the case, the crown, the bezel and the caseback.

How much is a Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18k? ›

This watch costs $16,800 MSRP.

What karat gold is on Tudor watches? ›

Although the bezel is solid gold on the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel and Gold, the gold crown and center gold links of the bracelet are gold-capped. This means it isn't plaque or gold-plated, but there is a shell around the stainless steel crown and center link of 18kt gold.

How much does it cost to get a watch authenticated? ›

Official Rolex Service Centers

Getting your watch authenticated at a Rolex Service Center holds the most credibility but also costs, on average, about $150. You can walk into the service center, pay the fee and a professional will authenticate right there.

How do I find my Tudor serial number? ›

As such, the serial number of Tudor watches are found in the same place as they would be found on a Rolex watch, they are engraved between the lugs at the 6 o'clock position engraved into the case removing the bracelet.

Are vintage Tudor watches worth anything? ›

And when you look into this history, you will see that with the growing popularity of the Tudor brand over the last ten years, the prices for vintage Tudor models have also increased considerably. Expect to see them for between $6,000 to $12,000 and sometimes much more for rare models and mint-condition pieces.

Is Tudor Black Bay collectible? ›

A short production – mainly the Black Bay Black (only 6 months – collectability). Tudor has a history of using ETA movements, and the vintage Tudor dive watches have become collectible despite this.

Is Tudor Black Bay rare? ›

As a result, the Black Bay Black is, by far, the rarest modern Tudor, and that's not gone unnoticed in a brand that has become a favorite among collectors.

Can you Overwind a Black Bay 58? ›

Edit: Confirmed it's the clutch mechanism to avoid overwinding. Definitely more pronounced that on any other watch I own. Still, it's good to have a tactile confirmation that the power reserve is full.

How thick is a BB58 925? ›

Boasting an edgy look, the Fifty-Eight 925 took the 39mm case size of the classic BB58 but is slightly thicker at 12.7mm due to the sapphire caseback.

Is Tudor Black Bay a luxury watch? ›

A newer collection from this luxury watch brand, the Black Bay is a modern reincarnation of Tudor's beloved Submariner design. It incorporates many elements from Tudor watches of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s while also being its own creation, with its own personality.

Is the Black Bay 58 an everyday watch? ›

Arguably Tudor's most popular current model, at least among watch enthusiasts, the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight has a massive following and is frequently touted as one of the best divers and one of the best everyday watches on the market.

Can fake silver be marked 925? ›

925” and “s925”. These are used to represent the 92.5% of pure silver which makes up the material that your jewellery is made from. However, there are some fake pieces which will try to replicate this stamp, so it's important that you do other tests to determine whether it is real sterling silver or not.

How much is 925 silver worth today? ›

Silver Price (g)
Silver Prices UsaSilver Prices [USD] in United States dollarLow
(925) Sterling Silver Price per Gram0.64930.6415
(916) 22K Silver Price per Gram0.64300.6352
(875) 21K Silver Price per Gram0.61420.6068
(800) Jewellery Silver Price per Gram0.56160.5548
3 more rows

How can you tell if silver is solid or silver plated? ›

Check the colouring of the item carefully; genuine silver is generally less shiny and colder in tone than silverplate. If you see places where the silver appears to be flaking off or turning green, the item is silver plated. To investigate further, you can try cleaning the item with a soft cloth.

Will 925 silver turn green? ›

Yes it can, if you don't practice proper ring care and/or you have sensitive skin to the copper or nickel alloy. Will 925 sterling silver turn my silver green? If you practice good ring care and don't have sensitive skin or an allergy to copper or nickel alloy then the chances of a green finger are minimal.

Why is 925 sterling silver so expensive? ›

A: The precious metal content (92.5%) in sterling silver makes it more expensive than flash-plated jewelry by default. People who buy sterling silver do so because of the value of the metal in it and its inherent beauty and relative affordability.

Is 925 silver better than silver plated? ›

Weight - sterling silver pieces tend to be lighter vs silver plated, as the base metal weighs plated pieces down. Durability - in the comparison of silver plated vs sterling silver, sterling silver is more durable as the coating of plated silver can wear off with improper care.

What does tarnished 925 silver look like? ›

On the other hand, 925 silver tarnishes because the copper alloy in it reacts with air elements and turns the piece yellowish or blacking.

Can you restore 925 silver? ›

Combine half a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda in a glass. Put your sterling silver piece inside the mix and allow it to sit for three hours. Then rinse and buff dry.

How long does it take for 925 silver to tarnish? ›

Sterling silver can begin to tarnish in anywhere from 2 months to 3 years, but don't let that worry you. Tarnish is no big deal and there are simple ways to clean and prevent it.

Will baking soda clean 925 silver? ›

Method #1: Use a Baking Soda Paste to Polish Silver

A paste of baking soda and water is all you need to clean larger silver items and remove the dull tarnish. You'll need to rub the paste over the items, but the baking soda does most of the work for you without heavy scrubbing – and no toxic ingredients.

Can you clean 925 silver with toothpaste? ›

A small amount of diluted toothpaste and a soft-bristle brush can do wonders for cleaning sterling silver jewelry. Just make sure the toothpaste is not a whitening formula, and don't use this method on anything silver-plated.

Is 925 silver good quality? ›

Ultimately, sterling silver (also known as 925 silver) is hypoallergenic, high-quality, fashionable, and safe. Silver is typically mixed with other metals to make a more durable alloy, as pure silver is far too soft to be used in jewellery.

Is jewelry marked 925 worth anything? ›

Yes, 925 gold is worth something, but it is worth less than solid gold. If you had pure 24K gold (which doesn't really exist in nature), it would be worth much more than 925-grade gold. The value of gold jewelry is dependent upon the metal content in the alloy.

What is the price of 925? ›

Silver Price (oz)
Silver Prices UsaSilver Prices [USD] in United States dollarChange
(925) Sterling Silver Price per Oz20.25920.0629
(916) 22K Silver Price per Ounce20.06200.0623
(875) 21K Silver Price per Ounce19.16410.0595
(800) Jewellery Silver Price per Ounce17.52140.0544
4 more rows

How much is a Tudor Black Bay 58 bracelet? ›

Tudor Black bay 58 79030 original bracelet for $875 for sale from a Private Seller on Chrono24.

Is SS 925 real silver? ›

Instead fine silver is alloyed with copper to create sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. This percentage of fine silver is why you will sometimes see sterling silver referred to as '925 silver' or hallmarked with a 925 stamp.

Can 925 silver be faked? ›

925” and “s925”. These are used to represent the 92.5% of pure silver which makes up the material that your jewellery is made from. However, there are some fake pieces which will try to replicate this stamp, so it's important that you do other tests to determine whether it is real sterling silver or not.

Is 925 silver worth selling? ›

925 silver, often referred to as sterling silver, is, in fact, real silver though it is an alloy rather than pure silver. 925 silver means your item is 92.5% silver and 7.5% another metal, such as copper. This means that your 925 silver is valuable and can be sold.

How can you tell fake 925 silver? ›

The Magnet Test

"If your magnet sticks strongly to the piece, it has a ferromagnetic core and is not silver." Fake silver or silver-plated items are generally made of other metals. This is an easy test that can give you a good idea on whether your item is real silver or not.

How do you calculate 925 silver price? ›

The formula is: rate of silver per gram x weight of silver x purity of silver.

Is 925 sterling silver good expensive? ›

Silver jewelry is a lifetime investment. Sterling silver enthusiasts know that their pieces can still look exactly the same even after years! However, 925 sterling silver is not inexpensive. Jewelry of this quality and value is worth the extra cost.

Is 925 silver High Quality? ›

Ultimately, sterling silver (also known as 925 silver) is hypoallergenic, high-quality, fashionable, and safe. Silver is typically mixed with other metals to make a more durable alloy, as pure silver is far too soft to be used in jewellery.

Are diamonds set in 925 silver? ›

If you see 925 engraved on the ring, that means it's a sterling silver setting. Usually, engagement rings with a larger center diamond won't be set in sterling silver because it's too soft. And if you see a stamp that says "CZ," you're looking at a cubic zirconia stone, rather than a real diamond.

Is all 925 silver stamped? ›

Sterling silver jewelry is always stamped with a marking to indicate the percentage of silver it contains. Usually, this appears as 925, . 925, or 92.5. In the U.S., anything less than 92.5% is not considered sterling silver.

Will 925 sterling silver turn green? ›

The composition of 925 Sterling Silver lends itself to the occasional green discoloration because of the presence of copper. Green fingers are harmless and there are simple measures you can take to prevent discoloration. It's all a matter of preparation and maintenance!


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