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It's hard to quit smoking, whether you're trying to do it the cool way or with the help of nicotine replacement therapy. These statements forOvercome tobacco addictionit can help you overcome the urge to smoke, as well as the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting.

Everyone should know that you are quitting, including friends, co-workers, supervisors, family members, and even your neighbors, so they can support you. If you are hesitant to say so because you think you will not be successful in your quit effort, consider this: letting everyone know about your quit attempt will protect you from being unsuccessful! Make a list of your stationary friends and meet with them to develop support groups.

Include smoking friends who are also thinking about quitting, as well as non-smoking friends who will encourage you to quit smoking altogether. Remember to save their phone numbers on your phone so you can text or call them whenever you feel like smoking.

Smoking cigarettes contains nicotine, a potent substance that can be as addictive as heroin and cocaine. Not everyone, on the other hand, will experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Most smokers will have severe withdrawal symptoms, and about 20% will experience severe symptoms. However, during the first two to three weeks, when a sense of well-being begins to feel, they usually go away completely.

In most cases, withdrawal symptoms are most severe within the first 48 hours of quitting and are considered natural indicators that your body is recovering from the negative effects of smoking. To control your impulses and stay smoke free, you can use the affirmations in this article.

Look for other methods to relieve stress. Practice yoga or get your body moving for a new dance style. Deep breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques are also effective for immediate benefits. If your schedule allows, consider taking a short break over the weekend to recharge your batteries.


The best positive affirmations to overcome smoking

The Best Positive Affirmations to Overcome Smoking Addiction - Affirmations Morning (1)

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The Best Positive Affirmations to Overcome Smoking Addiction - Affirmations Morning (4)

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To help you overcome your addiction to tobacco, please read the following encouraging affirmations for overcoming your addiction to tobacco:

Affirmations in the present tense to overcome addiction to tobacco.

  • Now I am inhaling clean non-smoking air.
  • I maintain healthy practices that keep my organs clean and working properly.
  • Addiction to any addictive drug is defeated by my willpower.
  • I am no longer a smoker and I am very happy about it.
  • Because I only breathe fresh air, my lungs are clean and healthy.
  • I made the decision to quit smoking.
  • I was able to completely quit smoking without difficulty.
  • I take good care of and respect my body, and I refrain from harmful addictions.
  • I am calm, at peace, and happily letting go of my negative behaviors.
  • I successfully quit smoking for good with ease and comfort.
  • From now on I want to breathe only clean, smoke-free air.
  • I want to preserve and maintain healthy practices that will keep my organs clean and in good working order.
  • My willpower will allow me to resist any addiction to any addictive drug.
  • I intend to quit smoking and will do so with great pleasure.

Affirmations in the future tense to overcome tobacco addiction

  • Because I will only breathe clean air, my lungs will and will remain clean and healthy for the rest of my life.
  • I want to quit smoking as soon as possible.
  • I am sure that I will be able to stop smoking completely.
  • Day by day I will take care of and respect my body, refraining from harmful habits.
  • I want to be at peace and at ease, as well as eager to get rid of my negative habits.
  • I want to quit smoking for good and I intend to do so with ease and comfort.
  • The unnatural smoking state is the state in which I exist.
  • As long as I maintain my good practices, my body will be clean and healthy.
  • People are impressed with my determination and support my desire to live a smoke free life.
  • My senses are in perfect condition and I really enjoy eating and smelling the food.
  • To be honest, I don't find smoking at all attractive.
  • Every day my health improves a little more.
  • Even though my lungs are full of oxygen and my muscles are well nourished
  • It is wonderful to be able to live in a smoke free environment.

Natural Affirmations To Overcome Smoking

  • It is empowering to realize that I have control over my life choices and decisions.
  • The feelings of relaxation and peace that I am experiencing right now are valuable and worth preserving, no matter what.
  • I made the decision to quit smoking and it feels great.
  • Smoking is less attractive to me than it is to myself. I choose to say yes to life and no to smoking.
  • It is simple to quit smoking.
  • As a smoker, I receive no benefit.
  • As a non-smoker, I can benefit significantly.
  • Making the decision to abstain from nicotine is something I enjoy.
  • Whenever I need a break, all I have to do is take a deep breath and let it go.
  • I take great care and respect for my body, and I have freed myself from harmful addictions.
  • I now give up all desire to smoke and enthusiastically embrace a smoke-free lifestyle.
  • Since smoking provides no real pleasure, I anticipate that quitting smoking will be an easy process for me.
  • I have decided that it is time to quit smoking.
  • Every day I like to take a breath of fresh air.
  • As I get to know myself more and better each day, I've discovered how to quit smoking relatively easily.
  • It doesn't take willpower on my part to quit, as I don't want to smoke.
  • I will be smoke free and gladly do so.

Conclusion of Affirmations for Overcoming Smoking.

Make a few adjustments to your regular routine and see how it goes. If you are in the habit of going to work the same way every day, try a different route. Have breakfast in a place that does not allow smoking, and if you want to smoke after a meal, eat some fruit or brush your teeth. Instead of your typical morning cup of coffee, try a variety of hot drinks.

This can help you break the negative connections you have created with smoking. Smoking is impossible when your hands are full, so come up with creative ways to keep your fingers busy! Text a friend or use your smartphone to play a few games whenever your hands feel "empty."

Since you made it all the way, you should at least check this one out too:The best positive affirmations to end alcohol addiction.

Frequent questions:

Is smoking every day an addiction?

Smoking every day is a common symptom of nicotine addiction. Smoking causes physical and psychological dependence, making it difficult to quit. If you smoke every day and find it difficult to quit, you may be addicted to nicotine and may benefit from seeking professional help to quit.

Is smoking marijuana every day addictive?

Smoking marijuana every day can be a sign of marijuana addiction, although not everyone who uses marijuana daily is addicted. Marijuana use can lead to physical and psychological dependence, making it difficult to quit. If you are having difficulty controlling your cannabis use, you may be suffering from an addiction and could benefit from seeking professional help.

Can smoking marijuana cause addiction?

Yes, smoking marijuana can be addictive since it can generate physical and psychological dependence. The active ingredient in cannabis, THC, alters brain chemistry and can cause changes in mood, behavior, and cognition. Regular cannabis use can increase the risk of addiction and can lead to withdrawal symptoms when use is stopped.

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The Best Positive Affirmations to Overcome Smoking Addiction - Affirmations Morning (5)


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Hello, my name is Idammah and I am an affirmation person. I believe in the power of positive thinking and its impact on our lives. I have always been drawn to the idea of ​​using affirmations as a tool to manifest my goals and bring positivity into my life. I started practicing affirmations daily a few years ago and have seen great results. Not only did my own personal goals become more achievable, but my overall outlook on life became more positive. In my spare time, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with others through my blog and social media channels. I hope to inspire and empower others to incorporate affirmations into their daily routine and see the transformation it can bring.

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