These are the most compatible zodiac signs, so do the stars match up for you and your partner? (2023)

What's the first thing you do when you meet a new love interest? We're assuming you're Googling to see if your zodiac signs are compatible (followed closely by searching their Insta profile and checking if they have a dog) because Astrology It is important and we will not take chances on a zodiac sign that will end up making us unhappy. We could all use a little help in the love department from time to time, so why not see what the stars say? If you're trying to figure out which zodiac sign you should date, you're in luck because we've enlisted Bex Milford - astrologer, women's empowerment coach, crystal healer + founder of Moon Child Sorority - to break down the most compatible zodiac signs. Zodiac Signs On the contrary, astrologer and tarot reader Noura from @starsincline has revealed which zodiac signs are the least compatible. Whether you live your life by the stars, have an abiding interest in your horoscope, or just need all the support you can get in the early and daunting stages of dating someone new, this is quite interesting reading you think just remember to take it a pinch of salt before you frantically break up with your long-term partner because your signs don't match...we know there's no surefire way to know if a relationship will work, but it does is a very good start.

Oh, and if you decide to go it alone then you can find out what's yours monthly horoscope has in stock for you here.

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This is what your horoscope has in store for you this December...

And how to spoil yourself this month.

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Aries – March 20 – April 18

Matches: Sagittarius
Daring, impulsive, loving... Wow Aries, you really love living your fire sign nature! If you are involved in a relationship then there is no gentle cooking here, it is all on fire. You throw all your light on your partner and you are generous with your love, time and gifts. That makes you an attractive companion. However, that doesn't mean you're a walk in the park. Yes, you feel like loving (and aLibidofitting), but can get bored quickly and need excitement. There are no constant fusses for Aries - your partner needs to stimulate you. Sagittarius is a companion fire sign and will only fan the flames of passion. Spontaneous, outgoing and adventurous - this couple will not only sizzle in the bedroom but also stimulate each other in everyday life. And that, Aries, will lead to a long and meaningful relationship.

TAURUS: from April 19th to May 19th

Coincides with: Cancer - June 20-June 21 July
Taurus is the sign of the boujie bull and boy. Do you love the comfort of your home? You are happiest when surrounded by life's luxuries: give Taurus a night of good wine, gentlecandlelight, cashmere blankets, and champagne truffles, and you're halfway to getting her to change her Facebook status to "in a relationship." You are also sensual and romantic, simply you love love. After all, you are ruled by Venus, the planet of courtship. You need someone who will shower you with affection and who is not afraid to express their adoration for you on a regular basis. That is why Cancer is an ideal match. This water sign loves to show off their emotional side, and they are known as stewards of the zodiac. They strive to make you the apple of their eye, and you, Taurus, are more than happy to receive that attention.

TWINS: from May 20th to June 19th

Coincides with: Aquarius - January 20th - January 18th February
This couple at the restaurant who just talk all night like they're in oneFirst date? Most likely it is the air sign duo Gemini and Aquarius. As a Gemini, you are outgoing, imaginative and imaginative. You approach life with an unwavering curiosity and enthusiasm - your partner needs to have a serious conversation to keep up. However, if you lose interest, that's it - you're on greener pastures, so engagement can be a challenge at times. Intelligent, charming, and insightful, Aquarius will spark your interest and draw your attention so you don't even think about what else (or who else) is out there. But hey, not everything is chat chat chat. Geminis don't take things too seriously and are known to be mischievous. Aquarius has a rebellious streak: this is not a couple who shy away from sexual adventures, and not just in the bedroom...

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CANCER: from June 20th to July 21st

Games: Scorpio - October 22 - October 20 November
Caring, loving, sensitive - that's you, Cancer! However, the crab sign is often reflected in your need to withdraw into your shell and spend time alone to avoid emotional overwhelm. You need someone who will allow you to really, insanely love them deeply and at the same time understand that you don't have to be connected at the waist. The water sign Scorpio fits in perfectly with this. You share your need for intimacy, but are just as comfortable in solitude. That couple who spends the whole party gossiping in the corner before making a French exit before midnight? This is your classic Scorpio-Cancer pairing. However, it's important to remember to be vulnerable with each other: if Cancer snaps its pliers and Scorpio shows the sting in its tail, no one will win the argument. However, if you can be honest and open, it's an unbreakable bond.

LEO: from July 22nd to August 21st

Coincides with: Libra: from September 22nd to October 21st
yes queen! Leo loves to be loved and sees no reason why they shouldn't be adored, put on a pedestal and even adored. After all, you are a king. Her theatrical nature means she often dreams of letting go and living a life of pure screen romance. You reward your partners by being loyal, passionate, and generous to the max. However, this fire sign can sometimes hold the torch too much on its own and you should be careful that selfishness does not stand in the way of eternal happiness. Libra brings an air of balance to this pairing. They are happiest in a relationship and are content to fan your fire sign's flames with their airy worship, but their penchant for harmony will ensure the couple never gets too one-sided. These are a few lingering glances and love notes, but Libra's penchant for romance means that if necessary, they'll embark on a rain-swept run to the airport to let you know they're head over heels in love, and thus deliver. your drama. wishes too.

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VIRGO - August 22 - September 21

Coincides with: Pisces - February 19–March 19 March
Virgos are the healers of the zodiac: they are patient, kind and devoted. That means there are few as faithful as Virgo when it comes to finding your mate. They are also hardworking perfectionists who love to plan, plan, plan. Can that make you critical? Maybe just a little. You need a partner who can encourage you to relax and go with the flow, truly accept yourself and stop being so rigid. Intuitive and patient Pisces are a great match. They don't care that you want to book the anniversary restaurant two months in advance or that every holiday has a travel schedule; You will just put up with anything and allow Virgo to do the ultra practical. When you're too stuck in your own head or caught in a spiral of over-analyzed situations, soulful Pisces partners help you see the bigger picture. They will also encourage you to connect with your emotional and creative side and when you take the time to do this Virgo you really thrive.

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LIBRA: from September 22nd to October 21st

Coincides with: Aries - March 20 - March 18 April
Libra will always strive for balance, and that includes their partnerships. Two is the happiest number for you, and you are happiest when you are paired with someone who you can give your devotion to as long as it is reciprocated. The sign of Libra is also revealed in your adoration of a harmony between the intellectual and the aesthetic. You can chat and socialize like no other (you're a famous Libra flirt!), but you also appreciate the beauty of art, clothing, accessories... and yes, gifts. You need a partner who shares a keen interest in culture while ensuring that no anniversary or birthday goes by without a well-planned celebration. Enter Aries: the passionate, adventurous and dynamic zodiac sign who doesn't mind making his partner his priority. Aries like to accompany you to your fancy soirees and events and like to try new things, especially when it turns into sex. The couple who's always making out or being charged with epidurals? This is a pairing of Libra and Aries.

SCORPIO – October 22–20. November

It coincides with: Taurus - April 19–April 19. May
Ah, Scorpio: you are one of the most mysterious, intense and attractive signs in the zodiac and tend to wear it like a badge of honour. You don't mind if people think you're deep, dark, and brooding; In fact, you often appreciate it. It means you filter out the good flirts you don't have the patience for. You need someone who understands your tendency to push yourself to the limit and the importance of passion. This makes Taurus a natural partner. As one of the most sensual zodiac signs, she will fulfill all your deepest desires. Taurus is creative, artistic and deeply romantic. In combination with Scorpio, this can result in a partnership that is highly charged with eroticism and deep emotions. These are the kind of couples who take life drawing classes together, paint nude portraits of each other, and hang them in a prime spot above their bed. Scorpio: If you want to get hot, this is your partner.

SAGITTARIUS: from November 21st to December 20th

Match With: Gemini – 20. Mai–19. Juni
The adventurer, the explorer and the fiery archer, always looking for new experiences: That's you, Sagittarius. You love spontaneous displays of affection and sudden displays of love—booking tickets to a city you've never been to is just one of those things that floats your boat in a relationship. You are also an optimist at heart, and while you enjoy exploring your emotions, you enjoy starting life light-heartedly. Gemini is a fabulous game for your free spirit. Both appreciate the importance of alone time, but are also irresistibly drawn to each other with a mutual fascination. They're the kind of couple who can randomly wake up at 3am and then stay up until dawn chatting—there's always something new to discover in a Sagittarius and Gemini couple.


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