WATCH LIVE: RCophth's 2023 Annual Convention (2023)

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RCophths Annual Congress 2023 22-25 May 2023

Live coverage from ICC Birmingham, UK

This is an ongoing article and will be updated during the four days of the congress.

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16:00:Okay, that's useyes newsFarewell to this year's RCophth Annual Congress. It was a real pleasure to meet everyone present. See you next year (in Belfast?!).

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14:00:Oureyes newsWall planners were flying around and along with all the other supplies we've been giving away over the past few days, they've been a huge hit. These wall planners are proudly sponsored byBVI Medicaland we were happy to snap a little snap with their friendly team before we cleaned up our booth for our departure.To include your event or conference next yeareyes newsWall planner, pleasecontact usbefore mid-October.

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13:00:Not only did we get to see the awards ceremony during the presidential inauguration yesterday, but we also got a few photos of the winners of Altomed's #fasteststringer contest. Congratulations to (1st) Carl Mulholland (pictured) from Glasgow, (2nd) Chris Ashton from London and (3rd) Maria Tadros from Staffordshire.

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11:00:Well, who do we have here? We only got to meet the new President of RCophth, Ben Burton, who had recently received the Presidential Ceremony from Bernard Chang. Congratulations Ben! We look forward to seeing your work with the college.

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10:30:How lucky we were to be able to attend Colm O'Brien's presentation on new risk factors for glaucoma! Colm O'Brien has a warm presence among themeyes newsfamily into which he was introducedone of our very first tracksback in 1994! And we are delighted to welcome him back to the publication in our upcoming 30th anniversary issue!

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09:00:Earlier this morning we managed to share a moment with OPTIC UK's incredibly busy exhibition co-ordinator, Deanna Price, who, when asked about her experience over the past few days, said: “We were delighted with the turnout at this year's convention and now with the pandemic behind us. it's fantastic for us to see so many students, industry and healthcare professionals personally benefiting from these events, for us at OPTIC UK it's a fantastic opportunity to further develop our relationships with industry leading exhibitors and we look forward to working together with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists again in the future."­­

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Today's calendar:

09:00 – 17:05:Glaucoma Specialty Day organized and chaired by Andrew Tatham
14:45 – 15:05:Glaucoma Special Day: Home: The I-TRAC Study - Andrew Tatham

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16:00:We were delighted to meet our editor of the magazine's medico-legal affairs department, Amar Alwitry, this afternoon, where he participated inForensic medicine session with interactive lecture "You are the judge".. Regarding the latest results of our Medicolegal survey:click here.

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13:00:After a lunch of chicken curry, rice and naan bread, we dived into the Duke Elder lecture given bySumitto Biswas, amThe challenges of managing anterior segment developmental delay in infants and children. As always, Hall 1 attracted a large turnout of delegates and although Biswa's CV tops him, his presentation was more than we could have hoped for.

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11:00:Thepatient welfareSessions started with some hard-hitting statistics to back it upGlobally, 2.2 billion people suffer from visual impairment, of which 50% are preventable or undetected. Bernie Chang, Richard Gale, Mhairi Thurston, James Talks, Amanda Hawkins and last but not least two dear friends ofeyes news,Peter CackettOgTariq Aslam.

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10:30:The winners of our #AspireOphth competition were in high spirits and welcomed by wonderful peopleSohaib Rufai, author of the award book,MCQ'er for FRCOphth del I. Our winners this year were Dr. Chanelle Smith and Periklis Giannakis. Well done you two!

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09:00:As expected, the turnout for the presidential presentation was great and we are really glad that we were there and could also participate in the award presentation.

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08:00:Bright and early here with the other participantsVISION 2020 Links & Networks program of the International Center for Eye Health. Nice to see our interview partnersFatima Kyari, Dorothy Mutie and Amos Kibata present their segments and it's always a pleasure to meet Marcia Zondervan, Covadonga Bascaran and Nick Astbury who help deliver the contributionsVISION 2020 projects.

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15:30:It's always a pleasure to meet our regular contributor Peter Cackett and our former associate editor Tariq Aslam. These two amazing ophthalmologists are featured in our first episode of Eye Views for you to listen toHer. Don't forget to subscribe and if you are interestedPete's wrong turnarticle, you canbuy his book!

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14:00:The Ophthalmic Trainee Group Symposium started with our associate editor ofeyes news, David Lockington, next doorDr Haider Al-Hakim and CK Patel, full of promise, insight and clever methods for sustainable working methods.

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13:00:I am really pleased to present an article from this wonderful ophthalmologist.Fatima Kyari, in ourComing June-July edition – it was a pleasure to meet you Fatima – and we look forward to hearing your colleagues from VISION 2020 Links, Amos Kibata and Dorothy Mutie, speak tomorrow. Look out for her interviews in today's eShot!

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11:30:As always our sales guru Linda mingled with the people, shook hands and took away wonderful thingsÅsa Baudin from Ocular Surface Insight (OSI) Magazine came to our booth to say hello! Learn more from this brilliant publicationHer.

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10:00:We just had a lovely meeting with Periklis Giannakis, a lead author ofeyes newspast and present participants in the #AspireOphth contest. Don't forget to submit your entries by 5pm today!Learn more here.

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09:00:We have another box of Tunnock's Teacakes with a new package just opened! Come get yours before they run out!

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08:00:Delegates arrive at the meeting early this morningHow to read an AI publication in ophthalmology chair by Periklis Giannakis and Konstantinos Balaska. It will be a busy day at RCophth Annual Congress 2023!

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  • 13:30 – Sunil Shahgave the Barrie Jones lecture "Development of Ophthalmology in Cambodia" and shared with us some hard to hear facts, but also solutions and ways for a successful future.

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  • 12:30 –Théa Book Signing - After giving a talk titled "Treasures in College" during the President's Session this morning,Herr Richard KeelerAndProfessor Harminder S Towas at Théa's stand in Hall 3 to sign their book,The eye in history.

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  • 11:00 –We were also pleased to meet youSohaib RufaiKeep promoting our #AspireOpthth competition and grab some snaps with some of our favorite delegates! As the deadline for entries approaches on Wednesday (24th), you still have a chance to enter and win a copy of author Sohaib Rufai's priceless book! Find out moreHer.

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  • 09:00 –We have managed to work with a good mix of healthcare professionals and professors as well as industry as you will see belowChristina Rennie, Sight Sciences og Sense Medical. Today Christina helped with the deliveryKindness: The business end of healthcarewith great participation. She will be there tomorrowPatient Safety Response Framework: A framework for learning and improvement, presented at 4.30 pm in hall 11. Here are a few words from her about the upcoming event:

  • 08:00 - RCophth Annual Convention 2023 has begun!The sun is shining at the ICC in Birmingham and with it hundreds of delegates arrived early, ready for the President's meeting which opened the day at
To see our full preview of the convention,click here.
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