'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (2023)

netflixhas a new favorite day of the week.

Wednesday, the streamer's new Addams Family series, is officially one of Netflix's most popular shows of all time, becoming the first English-language series toexceed 400 million hours of viewingin a single week. Shortly after its record-breaking November 2022 launch, the series wasrenewed for a second season.

Tim Burton, the director behind horror and fantasy hits likethe nightmare before christmasmiCorpse Bride,he brought his mysterious vision to the characters created by cartoonist Charles Addams. The series follows the Addams Family's daughter, Wednesday, as she enrolls in Nevermore Academy, a prestigious school for "outcasts, freaks, and freaks," like the fictional academy.websiteread. It is also the place where Wednesday's parents, Morticia and Gomez Addams, first fell in love.

Everything you need to know about the second season of 'Wednesday'

In addition to an acclaimed director, the series also boasts an all-star cast, with a mix of A-list stars, up-and-coming actors, and even an Addams Family alumnus.

For the protagonist of the show,Jenna Ortega, getting into the Wednesday paper was a no-brainer. "People tell me that I look like her since she was six years old," the actress told PEOPLE. "And I have a pretty dark sense of humor!"

From where you've seen their faces before to their off-screen love lives, here's everything you need to know about the cast ofWednesday.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (1)

Jenna Ortega, 20, was already someone to watch before taking the title role inWednesday, but the series undoubtedly catapulted the actress's career to new heights. Before performing on Wednesday, Ortega was best known for her role as Ellie Alves in the second season ofYou, but actually started out as a child actress. The California native played young Jane inJane the Virginfrom 2014 to 2019 and then she was cast as Harley Diaz on Disney Channelstuck in the middle.

In addition to her television roles, the young star has also racked up a number of film credits to date, appearing on Netflix.day yesmiThe Nanny: Killer Queenas well as HBO Maxto stayonly in 2021.

Even before the release ofWednesday, Ortega was already establishing herself as a scream queen, starring in two separate horror projects in 2022. First, she played Tara Carpenter in the fifth installment ofShout outfranchise, a role that is set to revive next year inscream 6. then appeared inX de A24, playing the girlfriend of an adult film director in the 1970s independent horror film.

NoWednesday, Ortega became the latest actress to play the character created by cartoonist Charles Addams, bringing a new side to the death-obsessed girl previously played by stars like Lisa Loring andCristina Ricci. Ortega took preparing for the role seriously;sayingCMagazinewho learned to play the cello, studied German, and even trained not to blink.

"One time I did a take where I didn't even blink," she recalled in posting how she and director Burton developed their take on Wednesday's trademark scowl. "She liked it so much that she gave me the note not to blink again. If she blinked, we restarted the take."

One of the show's most endearing moments occurs when Wednesday attends the school dance at Nevermore and performs a gothic dance to The Cramps' "The Goo Goo Muck." The scene quickly became a fan favorite thanks to Wednesday's eccentric moves, which Ortega later revealed she came up with herself.

"I choreographed it myself!" ortegatold NME. "I'm not a dancer and I'm sure that goes without saying. I got the song a week early and got everything I could out of it...it's crazy because it was my first day with COVID so it was horrible." filming."

Catherine Zeta-Jones como Morticia Addams

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (2)

Catherine Zeta Jones, 53, takes on the role of the family matriarch, Morticia Addams.

The Oscar winner got her start as a child actress in London's West End, appearing in musicals likeanniemiMalone Bugsy. She later appeared in the British television seriesThe dear buds of May, which aired from 1991 to 1993. After moving to Los Angeles, Zeta-Jones became a household name with leading roles in films such asThe Mask of Zorro(1998),trap(1999),Traffic(2000) michicago(2002), the latter with the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The actress returned to television in 2017 for the first season of the Ryan Murphy anthology series.Feudin the role of Olivia de Havilland. She then had a recurring role on season 2 of the Fox drama.infant prodigyin 2021 before making her streaming series debut onWednesday.

Zeta Jonessayingnot stylewho decided to create a new version of the iconic character from the Netflix series. She focused on raising Morticia as a modern mother who faces many of the same issues as any mother with a teenage child, albeit with the supernatural aspect added.

"It really is the story of Wednesdays. I hope they continue the story of Wednesdays forever so that I can grow old playing Morticia," he said. "I mean, nothing would make me happier than being 80 and still playing Morticia."

In real life, Zeta-Jones is the mother of two children, Carys and Dylan, whom she has shared with her husband of 22 years.miguel douglas. Dylan, 22,accompanied his mother to the Los Angeles premiere on Wednesday, where the actress spoke to People about the support her children have given her.

"Both my daughter and Dylan have been incredibly supportive of me, not just as an actor, but just with me, you know," he said of their "very close relationship."

"I was extremely blessed to be able to have both of them in my life," she added.

The following month, Zeta-Jonescompared Carys to the character Wednesday. On December 22, 2022, the actress shared a flashback video of her daughter wearing a black and white top at a school event and staring at the screen.

"Carys, my real baby girl. 🤣," Zeta-Joneswrote in the title. "I've had an Addams Wednesday in my life for 19 years and 9 months. 🤣 Morticia and I love you my little rain cloud 🖤."

Luis Guzman as Gomez Addams

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (3)

Luis Guzmán, 66, plays Morticia's husband and the suave Addams Family patriarch in the Netflix series. Before playing Gomez, the Puerto Rican actor was best known for his role as Raoul "El Cid" Hernandez on the HBO series.un, as well as his appearance in films such asBoogie Nights(1997),drunk love(2002) miTraffic, where he first performed alongside his future television wife, Zeta-Jones.

During an appearance onO Rico Show de Eisen, Guzmán shared how he was chosenWednesday,revealing that Burton approached him personally and that the director offered him the role without an audition.

Guzmán immediately accepted, but became even more sold on the project after reading the script for the first time.

"I got the script. I read it. The writing is... you know, the thing about this Addams Family, it's not about slapstick. The writing is so good, it's so funny. The delivery, and that makes it fun. That's really what convinced me," he explained.

Regarding his personal life, Guzmán has been married to his wife, Angelita Galarza-Guzmán, since 1985. The couple had seven children together.

Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley Addams

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (4)

The role of Wednesday's favorite torture victim, his brother Pugsley Addams, went to 13-year-old actor Isaac Ordonez. He has appeared on Disney.a fold in time(2018) and a handful of independent films and shorts, though the Netflix series was the young actor's breakout role. However, like Ordóñezsay D-14, he was "not at all" nervous about putting himself in the shoes of such a well-known character.

"I just went blind," he explained, adding that he wanted to add a "fun" element to Pugsley. "I just accepted it and raised it."

She also managed to draw inspiration from her older sister on television. "She did a really fantastic job with Wednesday. She really nailed the character of her," Ordóñez said of Ortega. "Wednesday is a more serious character, but she still has comedy in her, which is Jenna."

Christina Ricci como Marilyn Thornhill

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (5)

Join the cast ofWednesdayit was a full-circle moment for 42-year-old Christina Ricci, who already played the title character as a 10-year-old in 1991.the addams family.

The actress reprized her role as Wednesday again in 1993 forAddams Family Valuesbefore starring in several '90s hits likeCaspermiOccasionally. Ricci later appeared in more than a dozen films, includingthe opposite of sex(1998),sleepy Hollow(1999) miMonster(2003).

He also broke into television, appearing on the short-lived ABC series.Pan Americanin 2002 and producing and starring in Lifetime'sThe Lizzie Borden Chronicles. Ricci also currently stars as Misty Quigley on Showtime's critically acclaimed series.yellow jackets.

More than 30 years after donning the gothic Wednesday look, Ricci returned to the world of the Addams Family to play Marylin Thornhill, the housewife of the Wednesday bedroom in Nevermore. Asked about the passing of the reins to Ortega, Riccisayingelleshe was delighted to see the young actress take on the iconic role.

"Me enchanted to be children", says Ricci. "I'm really proud of this role. I also think Jenna Ortega is amazing. She's so brave and so cool and really doing the role justice. Wednesday is her role now... [and] both of those things could be true of the role. same time!"

In addition to her career, Ricci is also the mother of two children. She welcomed her 8-year-old son Freddie with her ex-husbandjames cherishin 2014. Ricci subsequently filed for divorce from Heerdegen in July 2020. In August 2021, the actress revealed that she was expecting her second child, her first with her now-husband, hairdresser Mark Hampton. Two months later, Ricci and Hamptontied the knotin October. they thenwelcomed his daughter Cleopatra, 1, in December 2021.

Gwendoline Christie como Larissa Weems

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (6)

war two thronesAlumnus Gwendoline Christie, 44, plays Nevermore Principal Weems inWednesday, tasked with keeping the peace between the students of the school, as well as the "normal" residents of the local town. While Christie is best known for playing Brienne of Tarth on the HBO series, she has also appeared in a few other big movie franchises.

Christie played Commander Lyme in the final part ofvoracious gamesSerie,The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, in 2015. That same year, he played Captain Phasma inStar Wars The Force Awakens, a role that he repeated inStar Wars: The Last Jediem 2017.

Reproduction of main Weems inWednesdayit was a departure from some of Christie's previous roles. The actress spoke withweekly entertainmentnearhow much the character meant to her personally, while working with Burton to help shape the role of the fearless leader of Nevermore.

"He said, 'You can do whatever you want with the character, feel free to do whatever you want and we'll keep talking about it,'" Christie explained. "And that was an incredible opportunity from this great master of cinematography."

She added: "It's the first time I've felt beautiful on screen."

As for her off-screen life, Christie has been in a long-term relationship with hairstylist Giles Deacon since 2013. The duo even collaborated on a project together, as Deacon.Christie's Costume Designfor his portrayal of Lucifer in the Netflix adaptation ofThe Sandman.

Emma Myers como Enid Sinclair

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (7)

Wednesday's roommate Enid Sinclair has quickly become a fan-favorite on the series, thanks to Emma Myers' portrayal of the werewolf-in-training as a positive (and colorful) influence on the dark lead. . The 20-year-old has been acting since she was a child and has appeared in movies likegirl in the basement(2021) mia taste of christmas(2020).

not only didWednesdayit marked her biggest role to date, but it also introduced Myers to another career path: starting to work with actors her own age. The actresssayingteen fashionthat one of the best parts of filming the series in Romania was bonding with his co-stars.

"I've never had a cast my age before. I'm usually the youngest on set," she said. "We get along really good".

Joy Sunday como Bianca Barclay

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (8)

As Nevermore's resident "it girl," Bianca Barclay is less than thrilled by the arrival of Wednesday Addams, who immediately threatens the school's status quo. And while the character of a queen bee colliding with a leading man is nothing new, actress Joy Sunday, 27, was excited to bring a new side to the "mean girl" stereotype.

"I was happy to be able to put my own spin on it and really bring a different take on the bad girl, the strong girl," she said Sunday.said deadline. "I feel lucky to have been able to play her."

Sunday previously appeared on Netflixdear whitesand free formgood problem. He has also provided his voice for the narration of some audiobooks, includingBlack Panther: Tales from Wakanda. The actress claims to be a big fan ofBlack PantherEstrellago ahead and buy it, and aims to team up with the actress for a future project.

"I'd be happy to work with her in any capacity. If it's not part of a Marvel project, maybe it could be Wednesday. There could be a future," he told Deadline.

Hunter Doohan como Tyler Galpin

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (9)

Despite being a "normie" living in the town adjacent to Nevermore, Tyler Galpin quickly befriends Wednesday Addams after an intriguing run-in with her at the cafe where she works. Hunter Doohan, 28, takes on the role of Galpin, whose down-to-earth vibe contrasts with Wednesday's doom and gloom.

Before starring as Wednesday's possible love interest in the Netflix series, Doohan previously appeared on Showtime'syour Honornext toBryan Cranston. She also played a younger version ofAaron Paulsin Apple TV+truth be told.

Offscreen, Doohanmarriedher longtime partner Fielder Jewett in June 2022, and her on-screen dad Cranston actually served as officiant!

Percy Hynes White como Xavier Thorpe

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (10)

Percy Hynes White, 21, plays the brooding bad boy of Nevermore. White has previously appeared in films such aswinter limit(2016) miA Christmas Horror Story(2015). His first leading role came in 2016 when he was cast as the mutant Andy Strucker in the Fox movie.X Mensplit offOr talented.

The role of the young actor inWednesdayit was her biggest yet, but despite the pressure of filming a major series, White described her experience on set as "fun".

"It was like working on a blockbuster movie, and you're with all your friends and you're having fun," he said.explained totoronto star.

Hynes White will have the opportunity to work with one of hisWednesdayfriends, Ortega, in another project. On December 15, 2022,final termreportedthat the two will star in MPCAWinter Spring Summer or Autumn, for which Ortega also serves as executive producer. The story follows two teenagers who fall in love for four days a year.

Hynes White and Ortega tooappeared togetherin theaters 2023golden balloonsafterparty, where Ortega dazzled with a corset top with aWednesday-collar inspired by Hynes White and looked stylish in a shiny black blazer.

Victor Dorobantu as Cosa

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (11)

The role of the disembodied hand of the Addams Family was played by 25-year-old magician Victor Dorobantu. While versions of the Thing have appeared in every Addams Family adaptation, Burton's take on the five-fingered character was a little more, well, Burton-esque.

"The Thing was a very different type of Thing. He had stitch scars. It's a totally different type of performance", Dorobantusayingvanity fair.

Wednesdayit is the Romanian artist's first major television project, and although only a small part appeared on screen, the character needed serious preparation. Dorobantu told the publication that he studied American Sign Language, Morse code and military gestures when developing the Thing language. During filming, he donned a blue screen suit and crouched behind Ortega to be as invisible as possible.

Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (12)

Despite only appearing in one episode,Fred ArmisénUncle Fester was one of the most notable characters in the series. And although the role of him was small, Armisen, 56, fully committed to the role,sayingvanity fairthat he chose to shave his head instead of wearing a bald cap "to make it that much more convincing".

Uncle Fester's casting was kept under wraps ahead of the show's premiere, and while fans had various theories as to who would play the part of the Addams Family's electrifying relative, showrunner Miles Millartold TVLinethat Armisen "was always the first choice".

Arc of an episode of Armisen inWednesdayadds to a long list of other guest appearances he has made over the years, appearing on shows like30 Rocha,parks and recreation,brooklyn nine nine,Kimmy Schmidt irrompibleand more. However, he is best known for his long stint inSaturday night liveand your sketch comedy showPortlandia.

Armisen was previously married to singer Sally Timms and actresselizabeth moss. He recently dated the actress.natasha lyonneuntil their separation in April 2022.

Ricky Lindhome as Dra. Valerie Kinbott

'Wednesday' Cast: Everything You Need to Know (13)

Riki Lindhome, 43, takes on the role of Wednesday's well-meaning therapist, Dr. Valeria Kinbott. She has appeared in movies likeMillion Dollar Baby(2004),fun size(2012) miknives out(2019). Lindhome is also one half of the popular comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates, along with Kate Micucci, and she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for her comedy special,Garfunkel and Oates: trying to be special, in 2016.

In March 2022, Lindhome revealed inInstagramwho had welcomed their first child, a boy.


Who is Wednesday Addams love interest? ›

Within her first week at Nevermore Academy, Wednesday reunites with Xavier Thorpe, who she actually knew from childhood. He's the ex-boyfriend of Nevermore's Queen Bee, Bianca Barclay, but becomes intrigued by Wednesday's presence at the school.

Who is Wednesday's roommate? ›

Emma Myers plays the role of Enid Sinclair, the roommate of Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) at Nevermore Academy.

Is Wednesday Based on a true story? ›

Though a work of fiction, the script was inspired by the 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings. In fact, the incidents that followed the bombings were used as details in the plot. After finishing the script, Pandey sent it to Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah, who were his only choice for the two principal characters.

Who played Wednesday Addams 1991? ›

The Addams Family (1991) - Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams - IMDb.

Why is pubert Addams blonde? ›

Oddly enough, shortly after, she seems to take offense to Debbie calling Pubert a brat. After Fester Addams leaves the family for Debbie, he becomes sick and turns normal, with fair skin and blonde hair.

Who does Wednesday Addams end up marrying? ›

Wednesday, for the first time after wearing black for eighteen years, appears in a bright yellow dress. Away from the families Lucas and Wednesday, reveal that the reason they brought their families together is to announce that she and Lucas are getting married.

Why is Gomez Addams Hispanic? ›

He is depicted as being of Castilian extraction and Spanish ancestry, which was first brought up in "Art and the Addams Family" on December 18, 1964; in the episode, Gomez says his "ancestral land" is Spain and Morticia refers to him as a "mad Castilian."

Why is Pugsley Addams named Pugsley? ›

When the characters were given names for the television series, he was originally going to be called "Pubert" (a derivation of the word puberty, possibly a reflection of his age) but it was rejected as it sounded too sexual, and the name Pugsley was chosen instead.

Are the Addams Hispanic? ›

Are The Addams Family Confirmed to Be Hispanic? Yes, they are! It was first brought up in "Art and the Addams Family," aired on December 18th, 1964. Gomez is depicted in this episode as someone of Castilian extraction and Spanish ancestry.

Is Wednesday Addams Latina? ›

Breaking with the franchise's tradition, Netflix's Wednesday promised to deliver a canonically Latina Wednesday Addams, played by the talented Jenna Ortega. Latine fans welcomed the news, excited for a new Addams tale that ties in our culture's relationship with terror and the dead.

Why is she called Wednesday Addams? ›

Addams Family members were unnamed in The New Yorker cartoons that first appeared in 1938. When the characters were adapted for the 1964 television series, Charles Addams named Wednesday based on the Monday's Child nursery rhyme line: "Wednesday's child is full of woe".

Are Pugsley and Wednesday Addams twins? ›

No, Wednesday and Pugsley are not twins. She is the elder sister of Pugsley and the only daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. Wednesday Addams has an obsession with death for fun or as a punishment, Wednesday performs most of her experiments on her brother Pugsley Addams.

Does Wednesday have a boyfriend? ›

Wednesday has two love interests over the course of the Netflix series, but neither actually becomes her boyfriend. Within her first week at Nevermore Academy, Wednesday reunites with Xavier Thorpe, who she actually knew from childhood.

Who does Wednesday kiss in The Addams Family? ›

After hopping the fence, Wednesday asks Joel to come with them. He declines, saying he needs to go back to the others and "to watch the place burn". Realizing they may never see each other, the two young lovers exchange (relatively) emotional goodbyes and share a kiss through the chain link fence.

Are Wednesday and Enid dating? ›

Last thing: Wednesday and Enid are not romantically involved in any way. They both have lots of male love interests.

Do Wednesday and Lucas get married? ›

As Mal, humiliated, attempts to leave with his family, Wednesday announces that she and Lucas will marry, to which Lucas sheepishly agrees.

Does Wednesday Addams have powers? ›

Wednesday's powers come in the form of psychic visions of the past and future. While she isn't able to conjure these visions on demand, she does experience them when touching an object that triggers her supernatural powers. Wednesday inherited these powers from her mother, Morticia Addams.

Who is older Wednesday or Pugsley? ›

The first Addams family member introduced on the premiere episode, Wednesday politely answers the door. She's shorter than the height of the doorknob and is promptly revealed to be six years old and the younger sibling of eight-year-old Pugsley.

Who is Enid to Maggie? ›

Enid can be described as a protector of Maggie, and it is clear from her actions that Enid would do pretty much anything to keep her safe and alive. The two of them worked hard to transform the Hilltop during the Savior conflict and especially after the war concluded.

Who is magnas GF TWD? ›

During the war against the Whisperers, Magna was a very important member of the militia, helping them win the war against the Whisperers and, after the death of Rick, Magna and her girlfriend Yumiko live together in Alexandria after it joins the Commonwealth.

What is Enid's boyfriend name? ›

Ajax Petropolus is a gorgon student of Nevermore Academy and Enid Sinclair's boyfriend.

What is Gomez Addams powers? ›

He seems to have supernatural powers, including the ability to walk up and down walls. He has a great indurance for pain, as his bed is full of nails.

Is Wednesday Addams biological? ›

Mustela (Wallace Shawn) tells Gomez and Wednesday's mom, Morticia (Charlize Theron), that he has evidence that Wednesday is not, in fact, their biological daughter – that there was a mix-up at the nursery way back when.

Why did Wednesday leave The Addams Family? ›

Wednesday is punished for shooting off Uncle Fester's dynamite caps without permission, she decides to run away. One of Season 1's best, a nice chance for Wednesday to be in the spotlight. At first she hides out in Pugsley's room pretending to have run away. When her parents find out, she leaves for real.


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