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This master's level healthcare career can be rewarding both personally and financially.

Your income potential as an acupuncturist (1)

Acupuncture is an increasingly sought-after specialty that also pays a generous salary. In recent years, more and more people are turning to acupuncture treatment for pain relief and general well-being.

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Today, you'll find acupuncturists, who usually require at least a master's degree to practice, working alongside Western health professionals in complementary medicine centers. This increased interest has created excellent income opportunities for acupuncturists.

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Andholistic health professionalsAcupuncturists also have the opportunity to open a private acupuncture practice. With a private practice you can build your own client base and increase your income. You need business, money management, and marketing skills to run your own clinic, but for many acupuncturists, it's a great way to take charge of your career and income.

Acupuncturists may work in private practice or as part of a comprehensive healthcare collaboration.

Acupuncturists use a variety of techniques in their practice. In addition to the needles you probably imagine, acupuncturists may also apply pressure or suction to acupuncture points on the body to promote healing. The pressure is often exerted by hand.Suction is achieved using a method called cupping..

The more methods you learn and master, the more services you can offer your clients. This can increase your practice and salary.

You can also grow your business by ensuring that you have the ability to treat multiple conditions. Many people seek acupuncturists for pain relief, but this is not the only reason. Infertility, allergies, and digestive disorders are also common problems you'll see in his practice.

Pain relief is just one problem that can be treated with acupuncture. Infertility, allergies, and digestive disorders can also be treated with acupuncture.

More education can help you increase your income as an acupuncturist. In some cases, this may mean earning an advanced degree or certification. In other cases, it may be helpful to have skills to add to your practice, such as: B. herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, or naturopathy.

How Do Acupuncturist Salaries Compare?

Acupuncturists are, and often are, master's level holistic health professionals.well rewarded for their experience, education, and skills. See how acupuncture salaries compare nationally and by state:


national data

Average salary:60.570 $

Projected Job Growth:3,9 %

10th percentile:29.580 $

25th percentile:38.000 $

75th percentile:98.440 $

90th percentile:126.440 $

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Projected Job Growth:3,9 %

status data

ConditionAverage salary10% inferior10% superior
Arizona28.880 $25.270 $98.930 $
California59.590 $29.500 $161.290 $
Colorado47.580 $34.380 $66.500 $
Florida37.850 $18.250 $79.590 $
Georgia57.260 $22.360 $98.970 $
Hawai62.060 $47.150 $100.870 $
Idaho37.100 $17.890 $77.830 $
Maryland77.740 $55.730 $160.890 $
Massachusetts47.570 $29.580 $120.040 $
Minnesota47.150 $47.150 $120.240 $
New Jersey98.990 $24.960 $125.930 $
NY77.750 $47.470 $125.930 $
North Carolina89.290 $29.380 $125.930 $
Oregon58.640 $37.750 $95.360 $
Pennsylvania60.570 $55.340 $94.410 $
Tennessee79.080 $59.420 $N / A
Texas59.280 $48.350 $78.670 $
Virginia73.780 $37.850 $99.830 $
Washington48.260 $37.320 $77.750 $
Wisconsin55.810 $35.810 $61.970 $

Those:US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)average salary 2021; Projected job growth through 2031. Actual wages will vary based on location, education level, years of experience, work environment and other factors. Salaries can vary even more for self-employed or part-time employees.

Is there a demand for this job?

People are turning to acupuncture now more than ever. According to the Global Advances in Health and Medicine Journal,The use of acupuncture in Western countries has increased significantly. From affiliation with respected integrative medical centers to use by influencers like athletes, acupuncture is ubiquitous. That creates demand.

As more people seek out acupuncture, it becomes more well-known and more common, says Jennifer Bennett, ND, LAc, an acupuncturist who practices in Seattle. “People are more likely to get acupuncture if they know someone who has had it before. Seeing people like Olympic athletes (with) cupping patches on their backs makes people curious to try these different techniques."

Is this a growing field?

Your income potential as an acupuncturist (3)

Acupuncture is a popular field of health care and its popularity is increasing. In recent years, the profession has passed some important milestones that have helped it gain respect and acceptance in the United States. According to the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), the agency that certifies acupuncturists, these include:

  • Medicare coverage for acupuncture began in 2020
  • The introduction of acupuncture as a service for those served by the Veterans Administration began in 2018. The VA also began hiring acupuncturists beginning in 2018 to provide this service at VA medical facilities.
  • Research-backed recommendation for acupuncture as a pain relief treatment by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health
  • Recognition of acupuncture as an independent professional title by the BLS

This growing acceptance of acupuncture is creating a greater number of opportunities for qualified acupuncturists.

How much competition will I have for a job?

The level of competition you can face depends on several factors.

Consider questions like:

Will you be one of the few private acupuncture practices in your city or community?

Does your school help with job placement?

Hospitals or clinics may require their acupuncturists to work nights or weekends to accommodate patients' schedules. Being willing to commit to somewhat irregular hours could make you a more desirable candidate than someone looking for standard office hours.

What kind of institutions hire acupuncturists?

Your income potential as an acupuncturist (4)

Acupuncturists can find work at a variety of institutions, including:

  • wellness centers
  • medical practices
  • Comprehensive medical treatment centers
  • state health institutions
  • specialized hospitals
  • private practice

Remember itPeople turn to acupuncturists for a variety of reasons.. From pain management to treating skin conditions, many people find acupuncture helpful. This means that health care facilities could hire an acupuncturist with a wide range of services, including some you might not expect.

"I think some of the most amazing [applications] would be using acupuncture on pregnant women to help them with their pregnancy," says Bennett. “Acupuncture can be used to reduce morning sickness, relieve pain during pregnancy, and reduce reflux. Acupuncture can also be used to rotate babies into the breech position and induce labor (after their due date in women).”

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Run your own clinic:
what you need to know

Many acupuncturists are sole proprietors of their own clinics. If you think this might be the trail for you, there are a few things to keep in mind. Consider the costs associated with a private practice:

Rent an office or other premises for a clinic

Electricity, heating and other utilities for your clinic

Advertising or other marketing efforts to attract customers

The salaries of everyone you hire.

permissions etcLicense to operate a your city

The tools, equipment, furniture, and other things you need to run your clinic

Local and Federal Taxes

health insurance

A business plan will help you set a budget and set goals. You know how many clients you need to see to earn a salary that suits your needs. A financial planner or other financial professional can help you get started.

How am I progressing in my career?

Your income potential as an acupuncturist (5)

You need at least a master's degree to practice acupuncture.Expand your academic trainingIt can help you advance in your career. If you already have a college degree in acupuncture, you can take continuing education courses to keep up with the latest research and techniques.

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You can also add a graduate certificate to your existing degree.other areas such as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Other certifications include holistic nutrition and hypnotherapy. With these certifications you can offer more services in your clinic and theoretically attract more clients.

You can also work on building your business and reputation in the community. People are often referred to acupuncturists by friends, family, or even other health care providers. If you have a reputation for providing excellent care, people are more likely to recommend you. That can have a big impact as you grow your business and advance in your career.

Your income potential as an acupuncturist (6)

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Your income potential as an acupuncturist (7)

With the professional vision of:
Jennifer Bennett, Dakota del Norte, LAc
Naturopath and Professor, Bastyr University

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